Viddler Inc.
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Interactive online video service
Founded 2005 (private)
Headquarters Bethlehem, PA

Viddler is an interactive online video platform for uploading, managing, viewing, and tagging/commenting on videos. Viddler's paid business service includes secure uploading and viewing, support, a customizable Flash or HTML5 player, the ability to create a private online community, video analytics, file encoding, and player branding. Other features include video contest management, subscriptions, opt-in advertising, in-timeline tagging/commenting, and webcam recording.


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Viddler patent drawing.
Drawing from Viddler patent abstract, showing methods and systems for displaying videos with overlays and tags.

The company, headquartered in Bethlehem, PA, was founded in November 2005 by Robert Sandie and Donna DeMarco (Vice President).[1] Viddler was created by a team of developers, designers and architects from companies such as RackSpace, IBM and Macromedia. launched in December 2006 with in-line commenting and tagging features.

In April 2008, the company launched an application for Facebook, created by social developer Kyle Slattery. It replicates the majority of functionality from into Facebook. The Facebook app displays the user's videos and the daily highlights and latest videos from Viddler.[2]

Viddler no longer provides a free service for non-commercial users.[3] In 2010, Viddler began focusing less on video enthusiasts and self-generated content hosting, and more on business verticals, including corporate communication and training, education, and publishing.[4][5] Following a 2011 decision to discontinue new personal accounts, Viddler recently announced it was going to close those legacy accounts, giving users the option of opening a paid account or downloading their existing videos.[6][7]

In 2013, Viddler was issued a patent "for displaying a video and an overlay or tag" as used by video asset administrators and viewers.[8][9]

The company announced a partnership with personalized video programming developer IRIS.TV in February 2014,[10] followed by the announcement of a new HTML5 player, called Arpeggio, in April.[11] In addition, Viddler now directly supports Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) for creating tablet and smartphone apps.[12]


Viddler is a video hosting service that provides a range of solutions for secure business communication and training, publishing, education, and distance learning programs. The company uses its customizable media player to display video and other media elements, and to provide user interaction, including the ability to post timed tags and timed comments directly in a video. Viewers can use a webcam to record a video response, or to submit new video content.

Viddler has a range of available privacy and security settings. Videos can be published and viewed on social networking sites, on secure business or education websites, and within mobile apps, using an admin-controlled embedding feature. Viddler’s API wrappers come in many common languages, including Java, PHP, and Ruby.

Supported input file formats include .3g2 .3gp .asf .avi .dv .flv .mov .mp4 .mpeg2 .mpeg4 .mpg .mpg2 .ogg .qt .wmv.

Customers can choose between a full player and a simple player. The full player includes timed comments, video comments, timed tags, a post-roll screen, custom color scheme, custom clickable logo and permalink, and share/embed; while the simple player offers only the custom color scheme, custom clickable logo and permalink, and share/embed. Both players offer optional add-ons, including advertising, which allows users to control ad selection and revenue share. An unlimited number of videos can be uploaded; cost of plans and features vary.[13]


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