Velvet Belly

Velvet Belly
Origin Kristiansand, Norway
Genres Pop
Years active 1989present
Labels BMG (1994present)
Members Kay Rune Rasmussen
Tor Henning Leh
Pål Aanensen
Anne Marie Almedal
Vidar Ersfjord

Velvet Belly is a Norwegian pop band from Kristiansand.[1]


The band started as a trio in 1989, and was joined by vocalist Anne Marie Almedal the following year. Her vocal was wrapped in a vague and melancholy soundscape dominated by synthesizers, programming and sampling to the band's regular producer Erik Honoré. They released two albums before they got a better reception with their third album Window Tree in 1994. The album landed them a contract with BMG which re-released the album with a new cover with Europe as a market.

Vidar Ersfjord, playing the keyboard joined the band for the album Lucia which was released in 1997, this album was awarded the Norwegian Spellemannprisen in the category for best pop group. The band has cooperated with the musician and songwriter Erik Honoré, and he has been the producer for all their albums.


Band members



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