Veena Sood

Veena Sood
Born Nairobi, Kenya

Veena Sood is a Kenyan-born Canadian-based film and television actress of Punjabi Indian descent.

She works in both the UK and Canada. She has co-starred & had appearances in "Downsizing" , Numb, Connie and Carla, Helen, 50/50, the Canada/UK film Touch of Pink, (which received a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival), ITV's Compulsion & the UK film Nina's Heavenly Delights. She has been seen on television in recurring roles in the series The X-Files Season 10, Bates Motel, Saving Hope, Caprica, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Supernatural & Battlestar Galactica. She co-founded Calgary's Loose Moose Theatre Company (LMTC) best known for their Improvisational theatre work, with improv master teacher Keith Johnstone. Veena has also performed one-woman improvised shows at Canadian and U.K. comedy festivals with her character "The Maharani". She used to co-host CBC Television's women's talk show In the Company of Women. Recently Veena co-produced, performed and directed in CBC Radio's series "The Life Game". Sood voiced Ms. Harshwhinny, the Equestria Games inspector, in the animated TV series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

She was born in Nairobi, Kenya and grew up in Calgary, Alberta. Has won several awards for her acting work in Canada; including a Jessie Richardson Award (theatre), & a Leo Award (Television). Both her father, and her sister-in-law have been awarded the Order of Canada, and her brother in-law a Nobel Peace Prize. She has a great ear for accents, having had to do a Scottish/Punjabi accent for Nina's Heavenly Delights. Veena is cousin of Ashwin Sood, Sarah McLachlan's drummer and ex-husband, and sister of Manoj Sood, who played Baber on Little Mosque on the Prairie. She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys hiking the back country of the Canadian Rockies and kayaking the remote B.C. coastline. She has also canoed down the Amazon River and safaried the Masai Mara in Kenya, the country of her birth.

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