Večernji list

Večernji list

Front page of the 3 February 2012 issue
Type Daily newspaper
Format Berliner
Owner(s) Styria Media Group
Publisher Večernji list d.d.
Editor-in-chief Goran Ogurlić[1]
Founded 1959 (1959)
Political alignment Conservative
Language Croatian
Headquarters Slavonska avenija
City Zagreb
Country Croatia
Circulation 60,579 (as of October 2014)
ISSN 0350-5006

Večernji list (also known as Večernjak, English: Evening paper) is a conservative Croatian daily newspaper published in Zagreb.

History and profile

Večernji list was started in Zagreb in 1959.[2][3] Its ancestor Večernji vjesnik ("Evening Courier") appeared for the first time on 3 June 1957 in Zagreb on 24 pages[4] but quickly merged with Narodni list (meaning "People's Paper" in English) to form what is today known as Večernji list.

Večernji list is considered a conservative newspaper. The circulation of the paper was 60,579 copies in October 2014.[5]


Večernji list formerly had multiple regional and two foreign editions:[6]

In 2012, all of the Croatian regional editions were merged, so four editions remain: Zagreb, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and World.


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