Heaven Sent (1963 film)

Heaven Sent
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mocky
Produced by Henri Diamant-Berger
Jérôme Goulven
Written by Jean-Pierre Mocky
Michel Servin
Starring Bourvil
Cinematography Léonce-Henri Burel
Edited by Marguerite Renoir
Release dates
  • 28 August 1963 (1963-08-28)
Running time
92 minutes
Country France
Language French

Heaven Sent (French: Un drôle de paroissien) is a 1963 French comedy film directed by Jean-Pierre Mocky.[1] It was entered into the 13th Berlin International Film Festival.[2] The film has been released under the name Heaven Sent in the English speaking world.


Georges Lachaunaye is a young member of an empoverished family of ancient nobility. His lack of financial means and his disdain for labour make him a thief who helps himself by robbing the collection boxes of churches.



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