Tyholt and the Tyholt Tower as seen from Lian

Tyholt is a neighborhood located on the highest point in the city of Trondheim, Norway. It borders the neighborhoods Singsaker to the west, Strindheim to the north, Moholt to the south and Valentinlyst to the east. The area has a good view of Trondheim on the one side and to Lade and Strinda. Before 1964 Tyholt was part of Strinda.

The Tyholt tower is a 124 m tall communications tower, with a revolving restaurant. Most of Tyholt is residential, but the Centre for Marine Technology of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Centres of Excellence Centre for Ships and Ocean Structures (CeSOS) and AMOS (Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems) are hosted at facilities close to the tower. Still in close proximity is MARINTEK, hosting the only major test tank for maritime technology in Scandinavia; Located in Tyholt are the Trondheim offices of Telenor and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The latter hosts the radio channels NRK P1 and NRK P3.

Coordinates: 63°25′29″N 10°26′15″E / 63.42472°N 10.43750°E / 63.42472; 10.43750

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