Turner Broadcasting System Latin America

Turner Broadcasting System
Latin America
Industry Entertainment
Products Entertainment and production
Services Entertainment, production, and distribution
Owner Time Warner
Parent Turner Broadcasting System

Turner Broadcasting System Latin America (TBS LA) is the company managing the collection of pay networks around Latin America.

Turner Broadcasting System Latin America operates the following brands: CNN International, Boomerang, TCM, Cartoon Network, and CNN Chile, among others. TBS LA also operates Warner Channel, its corporate cousin (the channel is owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment and distributed by HBO Latin America Group, which are, like TBS LA, owned by Time Warner), and until 2012, handled advertising sales for Brazilian action sports channel Woohoo.

News channels

Over the air channels

Entertainment channels

  • TNT (also in HD)
    • TNT Pan-regional
    • TNT Mexico
    • TNT Brazil
    • TNT Colombia
    • TNT Argentina
    • TNT Chile
    • TNT Venezuela
  • I-SAT (includes [Adult Swim])
    • I-SAT Pan-regional
    • I-SAT Argentina
  • Space (also in HD)
    • Space Pan-regional
    • Space Argentina
    • Space Mexico
    • Space Colombia
    • Space Brazil
  • HTV
  • Much Music
  • TruTV (also in HD)
    • TruTV Pan-regional
    • TruTV Brazil
  • Boomerang
    • Boomerang Pan-regional
    • Boomerang Mexico
    • Boomerang Brazil

  • Tooncast
  • Cartoon Network (also in HD)
    • Cartoon Network Pan-regional
    • Cartoon Network Mexico
    • Cartoon Network Argentina
    • Cartoon Network Brazil
    • Cartoon Network Chile
    • Cartoon Network Colombia
  • TBS (also in HD)
    • TBS Pan-regional
    • TBS Argentina
    • TBS Brazil (includes [Adult Swim])
  • TNT Series (also in HD)
    • TNT Series Pan-regional
    • TNT Series Argentina
    • TNT Series Brazil
  • TCM
    • TCM Pan-regional
    • TCM Argentina
    • TCM Brazil
  • Glitz*
    • Glitz* Pan-regional
    • Glitz* Argentina
  • Warner Channel (also in HD)
    • Warner Channel Pan-regional
    • Warner Channel Mexico
    • Warner Channel Brazil
    • Warner Channel Argentina
    • Warner Channel Colombia
    • Warner Channel Venezuela
  • Esporte Interativo (also in HD)
    • Esporte Interativo
    • Esporte Interativo Maxx
    • Esporte Interativo Maxx 2

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