Tumble Leaf

Tumble Leaf
Created by Drew Hodges
Voices of Christopher Downs
Brooke Wolloff
Jodi Downs
Landon Clay
Addie Zintel
Gary Littman
Alan Franzenburg
Emily Downs
Steve Downs
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 26 (52)
Executive producer(s) Drew Hodges
Kelli Bixler
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Amazon Studios
Bix Pix Entertainment[1]
Original network Amazon Video
Original release May 23, 2014 (2014-05-23)

Tumble Leaf is an Emmy-winning Amazon Studios original series that premiered in 2014. It is a stop motion animated series for preschool-aged children and is based on the short film Miro.[2] Created by animator Drew Hodges (Saturday Night Live, Community) and stop-motion studio Bix Pix Entertainment, Tumble Leaf features an anthropomorphic blue fox named Fig and his caterpillar friend Stick (both voiced by child actor Christopher Downs), along with other residents of the island of Tumble Leaf, helping preschoolers learn basic science lessons through playful examples. Additional regular characters include Maple (Brooke Wolloff), Rutabaga (Jodi Downs), Hedge (Landon Clay), Pine (Addie Zintel), and Ginkgo (Gary Littman). Each episode consists of two 11-minute stories with Fig learning the mechanics of various items discovered in a special room on board the abandoned shipwreck where he resides.

The show was part of the first round of television pilots ordered by Amazon in 2013 for its Amazon Video service, and was officially picked up for its first 13-episode season on May 29, 2013.[3] The show's first six episodes premiered exclusively on the Amazon Video service on May 23, 2014,[4] and the remaining seven episodes of season one premiered on September 5, 2014.[5] A re-dubbed German version premiered for Amazon's German Prime customers on August 20, 2014.[6]

On February 23, 2015 it was renewed for a second season,[7] which became available on December 10, 2015.

On December 21, 2015 it was renewed for a third season.[8]


Season 1

Title Directed by Written by Release date
1a1"Shiny Coins"Drew HodgesKacey ArnoldApril 19, 2013
1b2"Fig Finds a Shadow"Drew HodgesKacey ArnoldApril 19, 2013
2a3"Fig Flies a Kite"Drew HodgesKacey ArnoldMay 23, 2014
2b4"Missing a Muffin"Drew HodgesKacey ArnoldMay 23, 2014
3a5"Beat of the Drumsticks"Drew HodgesKacey ArnoldMay 23, 2014
3b6"Springy Surprise"Drew HodgesDev RossMay 23, 2014
4a7"On a Roll!"Drew HodgesKacey ArnoldMay 23, 2014
4b8"Popcorn Picture Show"Drew HodgesKacey ArnoldMay 23, 2014
5a9"Fig Blends In!"Drew HodgesDev RossMay 23, 2014
5b10"Twirling Top"Drew HodgesDoug WoodMay 23, 2014
6a11"The Swimming Hole"Drew HodgesVillamor M. Cruz Jr.May 23, 2014
6b12"Bucket of Mud"Drew HodgesDoug WoodMay 23, 2014
7a13"Loopy Straw"Drew HodgesVillamor M. Cruz Jr.September 5, 2014
7b14"Tumble Leaf Parade"Drew HodgesDrew HodgesSeptember 5, 2014
8a15"Icy Igloo"Drew HodgesDoug WoodSeptember 5, 2014
8b16"The Big Dig"Drew HodgesNoelle WrightSeptember 5, 2014
9a17"Woohoo Kazoo!"Drew HodgesDoug WoodSeptember 5, 2014
9b18"Hide and Seek"Drew HodgesCorey PowellSeptember 5, 2014
10a19"Fig's Speedy Sled"Drew HodgesDrew HodgesSeptember 5, 2014
10b20"Parachute Play"Drew HodgesNoelle WrightSeptember 5, 2014
11a21"The Lost Spyglass"Drew HodgesChristopher KeenanSeptember 5, 2014
11b22"Fig's Breakfast Surprise!"Drew HodgesDev RossSeptember 5, 2014
12a23"Bedtime Story"Drew HodgesCorey PowellSeptember 5, 2014
12b24"A Treasure Hunt"Drew HodgesDev RossSeptember 5, 2014
13a25"Merry-Gear-Round"Drew HodgesCorey PowellSeptember 5, 2014
13b26"Pushy Pulley"Drew HodgesDoug WoodSeptember 5, 2014

Season 2

Title Directed by Written by Release date
14a27"Magic Mirror"Drew HodgesKarl Geurs and Carin GreenbergDecember 10, 2015
14b28"A Rainbow in My Room"Drew HodgesKarl GeursDecember 10, 2015
15a29"Snowflake Dance"Drew HodgesJeff GoodeDecember 10, 2015
15b30"The Tinsel Tree Topper"Drew HodgesSteven DarancetteDecember 10, 2015
16a31"Gourd Gets Stuck"Drew HodgesCarin GreenbergDecember 10, 2015
16b32"The Swing of Things"Drew HodgesKarl GeursDecember 10, 2015
17a33"Okra's Sweater"Drew HodgesCarin GreenbergDecember 10, 2015
17b34"Stick's Meshroom Mansion"Drew HodgesKarl GeursDecember 10, 2015
18a35"Stick is Sick"Drew HodgesKarl GeursDecember 10, 2015
18b36"Things That Go Round In The Night"Drew HodgesScot OsterweilDecember 10, 2015
19a37"Figamajig"Drew HodgesSteven DarancetteDecember 10, 2015
19b38"Camping It Up"Drew HodgesAllan NeuwirthDecember 10, 2015
20a39"Mighty Mud Movers"Drew HodgesAllan NeuwirthMay 5, 2016
20b40"Having A Ball"Drew HodgesJeff GoodeMay 5, 2016
21a41"Yak Wash"Drew HodgesKarl GeursMay 5, 2016
21b42"The Caterpillar Wing Ding"Drew HodgesJeff GoodeMay 5, 2016
22a43"The Glow Below"Drew HodgesGabe PulliamMay 5, 2016
22b44"Sub in a Bottle"Drew HodgesKarl GeursMay 5, 2016
23a45"Buckeye's Runaway House"Drew HodgesJymn MagonMay 5, 2016
23b46"Caboose on the Loose"Drew HodgesAllan NeuwirthMay 5, 2016
24a47"Clam-tastic Voyage"Drew HodgesSteven DarancetteMay 5, 2016
24b48"Double Vision"Drew HodgesJeff GoodeMay 5, 2016
25a49"Thinking Outside The Hoop"Drew HodgesJymn MagonMay 5, 2016
25b50"Fig's Hay-Maze-ing Wander"Drew HodgesKarl GeursMay 5, 2016
26a51"The Windy Hop"Drew HodgesCarin GreenbergMay 5, 2016
26b52"Captain's Cap"Drew HodgesCarin GreenbergMay 5, 2016

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Recipients Result
2014 Annecy International Animated Film Festival [9] Jury Award for a TV Series Drew Hodges Won
2015 42nd Annie Awards[10] Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production For Preschool Children Amazon Studios Won
Outstanding Achievement for Character Animation in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production Teresa Drilling, Michael Granberry Nominated
42nd Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards[11] Outstanding Pre-School Children's Animated Program Kelli Bixler, Drew Hodges, Alice Wilder Ed. D., Jodi Downs, Genevieve Ledoux, and Trisha Gum Won
Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation Michael Granberry (lead animation), Drew Hodges (character design), Jason Kolowski (production design), and Robyn Yannoukos (coloring) Won
2016 43rd Annie Awards[12] Best Animated Television/Broadcast Production For Preschool Children Amazon Studios and Bix Pix Entertainment Won
43rd Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards[13] Outstanding Pre-School Children's Animated Program Won
Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation Michael Granberry Won
Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program Drew Hodges Won
Outstanding Costume Design/Styling Robyn Simms Johnson and Carol Binion Nominated


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