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Todd Fisher is an American author, host, and producer of feature, online and mobile entertainment.

The Spot / The Spot Wireless

Fisher began his entertainment career as a graphic artist for the Universal New Media group, later moving on to work at Warner Bros Online and Disney Online. In the mid-1990s, he joined Stewart St. John at American Cybercast, the first online network. He joined the staff of the original The Spot web soap, which St. John executive produced.

In 2003, Fisher and St. John were asked to create and produce a new version of The Spot for the web and mobile phones. Fisher designed the site, as well as co-executive produced thousands of daily videos for The He and St. John also co-created The Spot Wireless[1] for Sprint, the first mobile soap opera for cell phones. Fisher designed the functionality on the phone, while St. John crafted the storylines that would run from web to mobile and back to web.

California Heaven

Fisher co-created and co-executive produced the first scripted online drama California Heaven[2] with St. John, launching the project in 2005 while in talks for the series to air on AOL. In 2011, the team re-launched a newer version of California Heaven on their online television network The SFN.[3]


St. John and Fisher launched The SFN - The Online Network [4] - a web destination for original series including their own California Heaven, as well as other in-house productions and select web series. Also referred to as SFNTV,[3] the site is focused on creating a television network experience for online users.

Clothing lifestyle brand 69 Slam[5] was the first to embrace the new network with an integrated ad campaign sponsoring select episodes from the first season of California Heaven.

On January 12, 2012, the second season of web soap DeVanity premiered exclusively on The SFN, with guest stars Alana Stewart, Robin Riker and Kyle Lowder from The Bold and the Beautiful.

On January 13, 2012, River Ridge premiered, starring daytime Emmy Award winner Julie Pinson, Emmy Award nominee Beth Ehlers and Signy Coleman, and Savannah's Shannon Sturges among the cast.

Another series, Fumbling Thru The Pieces, stars daytime Emmy Award winner Hillary B. Smith, also aired on the network.

Western drama Thurston premiered on the network in April 2012, created by Kathryn O'Sullivan and executive produced by O'Sullivan and Paul Awad. The award-winning drama tied with California Heaven to become the two most-watched series on the network.

On June 8, the trailer for The SFN's first reality series - Project Poker[6] - made its debut, announcing a July 12 premiere for the series about an amateur gambler and his quest for fame and fortune in the world of professional poker.[7]

The Update

Fisher stars in the celebrity interview series, The Update, airing on The SFN. The interviews consist only of the stars within The SFN Online Television Network.


Through the St. John-Fisher Post company with Stewart St. John, Fisher has cast dozens of foreign to English-dub feature films, working with companies including The Weinstein Company, Universal Studios, Blue Wave, Deluxe Digital and more. Films include 13 Game of Death (Mandarin), King of the Mountain (Spanish), The Rebel (Vietnamese), the animated musical The Great Music Caper starring Cheech Marin, Bow Wow and JoJo, and the animated musical Leo The Lion.


In 2011, Fisher authored an inspirational book with Stewart St. John entitled Love: A Story. The short book is composed of Fisher's love quotes and St. John's poignant story about a woman's mystical encounter on a Malibu beach. It is rumored to be the first part in a series of empowering books.


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