To Dance with the White Dog

To Dance with the White Dog is a 1990 novel by Georgia author Terry Kay, based on the experiences of his father.

Plot summary

Sam Peek happily resides in Hart County, Georgia as a pecan farmer and local celebrity featured in many gardening/horticultural magazines. He and his wife Cora are both in their 80's, and have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Cora dies of a heart attack. Sam and his family are deeply grieved over this, and his daughters begin to obsess over his safety and his life.

Not long after Cora's death, a mysterious white dog that only Sam can see appears near the house. He thinks it is just a stray, but daughters Kate, Carrie and his other children don't see it and think he's going crazy. Sam goes on a car trip in his weathered truck to a school reunion, keeping it a secret from the children. After a series of events, the family and other people begin to see the white dog, but never hear her bark. Shortly before Sam's death, the dog disappears and it is thought the dog was Cora in another form.


The novel was turned in to a Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie, starring Hume Cronyn as Sam Peek and Jessica Tandy as Cora. It was filmed on location in Georgia. The movie premiered December 5, 1993 on CBS, and was nominated for many awards. Hume Cronyn won an Emmy award for his performance.



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