Tiger Beat


Tiger Beat magazine, first issue
Categories Teen, celebrity
Frequency Monthly
First issue September 1965 (1965-September)
Company TigerBeat Media, LLC
Country United States
Website tigerbeat.com

TigerBeat is an American teen fan magazine marketed primarily to adolescent girls. It is currently published by TigerBeat Media, LLC, of New York, New York, which also produces its sister publication, BOP.[1]

History and profile

Founded in September 1965[2][3] by Charles "Chuck" Laufer and his brother, Ira, Tiger Beat has as its forte teen idol gossip, movies, music and fashion.[4] It is known for its covers with 'cut and paste' collaged photos of teen idols. Its publisher, originally named The Laufer Co., also founded and published the teen magazine FaVE (now defunct).

Lloyd Thaxton's face appeared at the top of the newly launched TigerBeat magazine (then known as Lloyd Thaxton's TigerBeat) for which he did a column.[5] Thaxton was a co-founder of TigerBeat magazine.[6]

TigerBeat was sold to Primedia late in 1998 by former publisher Sterling/MacFadden. It was purchased in 2003 by Scott Laufer, the son of Chuck Laufer.[7] The magazine was sold to TigerBeat Media, LLC, founded by Mark Patricof, in June 2015.


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