Throwbacks (The Naked Brothers Band album)

Soundtrack album by Nat & Alex Wolff
Released October 15, 2013
Recorded March - June 2008
Genre Pop rock, soundtrack
Label Nick/Columbia
Producer Michael Wolff and Michael A. Levine
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Throwbacks is the final album recorded by Nat & Alex Wolff under the name "The Naked Brothers Band" and the soundtrack to the third and final season of the show of the same name. Under the working title "Songs of Season 3," due to post-production problems, it was originally cancelled, until it was announced on September 19, 2013 to be released as a Nat & Alex Wolff album instead of a Naked Brothers Band album on October 15, 2013, under the title Throwbacks.[1] One song that was recorded for the intended Season 3 soundtrack, "Face in the Hall", which later appeared in the iCarly soundtrack, will not be in the Throwbacks album.



Nat Wolff developed a lot while writing the soundtrack. He had developed a lot as a song[-writer] since the band's second album, which was released earlier the same year. Many songs from the album had a sense that the writer(s) were inspired by old artists, such as the track "The World (As We Know It Today)" was a modern version of Billy Joel's song We Didn't Start the Fire. The song "Yes We Can" (which features Natasha Bedingfield and Leon Thomas III) was inspired by the presidency of Barack Obama.[2]


Recording for the album took place in the Summer of 2008 in New York.

Track listing

All tracks written by Nat Wolff, except "All I Needed", "Blueberry Cotton" and "Jesse" by Alex Wolff.

1."Curious" (from "Operation Mojo")3:32
2."Just A Girl I Know" (from "The Premiere")2:49
3."All I Needed" (from "No Schools Fools Day")3:26
4."I Feel Alone" (from "Operation Mojo")3:21
5."Yes We Can (feat. Natasha Bedingfield and Leon Thomas III)" (from "Christmas Special")4:13
6."Blueberry Cotton" (from "Mystery Girl")3:39
7."Little Old Nita" (from "Supetastic 6")2:59
8."Your Smile" (from "Mystery Girl")3:32
9."The World (As We Know It Today)" (from "Naked Idol")3:39
10."Jesse" (from "Valentine Dream Date")3:06
11."No Night Is Perfect" (from "Valentine Dream Date")3:46
12."Scary World" (from "Mystery Girl")2:01
13."Fire" (from "The Premiere")4:06


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