The Zula Patrol

The Zula Patrol
Genre Science
Created by Deb M. Manchester
Written by Cydne Clark
Nicole Dubuc
Simon Jowett
Directed by Brain Kindregan
Kent Butterwoth
Voices of Cam Clarke
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
B.J. Ward
Nika Futterman
Frank Welker
Kurt Kelly
Composer(s) Jeff Danna
Fletcher Beasley
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s) Deb M. Manchester
Beth Hubbard
Margaret Loesch
Production company(s) The Hatchery
Zula USA
American Public Television
Marvista Entertainment
Original network PBS Kids (2005–2007)
Qubo (2007–present)
Original release September 5, 2005 (2005-September-05) – June 18, 2008 (2008-June-18)
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The Zula Patrol is an animated television series distributed by American Public Television to PBS stations in the United States. It is now also airing on Qubo and Smile of a Child TV. Some adaptations of the Zula Patrol also include planetarium shows.

The series deals with science as the title characters travel to space in vignettes that teach viewers about space, our galaxy, and friendship. The science topics are based on earth and solar science.


The Zula Patrol

The villains

Space objects

Other supporting characters


Season 1 (2005–06)

#List of EpisodesRelease Date
1 A Comet's Tale/A Job for the Zula Dudes September 4, 2005
2 Bula's Spin Party/Day For Night September 11, 2005
3 Shadow Play/The Jealous Moon September 18, 2005
4 Sun Day/Time Out September 25, 2005
5 The Probe Who Came to Dinner/Forget-Me-Naut October 2, 2005
6 Small is Beautiful/Case of the Missing Rings October 9, 2005
7 Blue Moon/Going Through a Phase October 16, 2005
8 Giant Litterbugs from Space/RV of the Giants October 23, 2005
9 Chilly Cook-off/Treasure in the Clouds October 30, 2005
10 Star Crossed/Night of the Fweeebs November 6, 2005
11 Mutual Distraction/What Goes Up Must Come Down November 13, 2005
12 Dog Gone Gorga/The Milky Way Galaxy Games November 20, 2005
13 Matter, Matter Everywhere/Family Feud November 27, 2005
14 Round and Round We Go/Go'er-Slower Motion December 4, 2005
15 Club Mars; The Outsider December 11, 2005
16 The Ins and Outs of Planets/Young At Heart December 18, 2005
17 The Big Mess/Telescooped December 25, 2005
18 Show of Force/Adventures In Pet Sitting January 1, 2006
19 Fly Us to the Moon/Castaway Asteroid January 8, 2006
20 Take Me To Your Ferret/Earth Hunt January 15, 2006
21 Wish You Were Here/Weather Vain January 22, 2006
22 My Air Lady/You're Cramping My Space January 29, 2006
23 Wigg and Wizzy Light the Way/Look to the Rainbow February 5, 2006
24 Three Ringed Gorga/Moons Mayhem February 12, 2006
25 A Star is Born/Galactic Star Games February 19, 2006
26 Blubglub/Power Flower February 26, 2006

Season 2 (2007)

#List of EpisodesRelease Date
27 The Things in Rings/How the Rust Was Won April 16, 2007
28 Ice Station Zula/Ice Truder April 17, 2007
29 Dueling Space Stations/Don't Look Now April 18, 2007
30 Rock and Patrol/Support Your Neighborhood Volcano April 19, 2007
31 Down Under/Singin' in the Rain Forest April 20, 2007
32 Hide 'n Seek on Jupiter/A Tale of Two Planets April 23, 2007
33 The Sound of Multo/Eyes in the Skies April 24, 2007
34 Birds of a Feather/Bula's Heroes: The Great Camouflage Caper April 25, 2007
35 Moon Struck/Me, Myself and Io April 26, 2007
36 My Friend Named Breezy/Erosion Today, Gone Tomorrow April 27, 2007
37 Blast to Earth's Past/The Great Climb April 30, 2007
38 Creature Features/Fried Greenhouse Tomatoes May 1, 2007
39 If It Looks Like a Plant/Splitsville May 2, 2007

Season 3 (2008)

#List of EpisodesRelease Date
40 Larva or Leave Me/Egg Hunt June 2, 2008
41 Spin Control: The Venus Effect/Crater Raters: Journey to Mercury June 3, 2008
42 Hey Kids, Amazing Space Monkeys!/The Blorp June 4, 2008
43 Vanishing Cream/There Goes the Neighborhood June 5, 2008
44 The Missing Elements/Journey to the Center of Gorga June 6, 2008
45 Choosing Sides/Camp Worm June 9, 2008
46 May the Force Be Wigg You/Six Zuleans in a Boat June 10, 2008
47 Where Did All the Water Go/The Dew Drops June 11, 2008
48 The Show Must Float On/The Truder Crown Affair June 12, 2008
49 The Great River Race; When You Wish Upon a Sea Star June 13, 2008
50 Mine Shaft/The Crystal Cavern June 16, 2008
51 The Lizard Who Came to Dinner/Island of the Endotherms June 17, 2008
52 Villain of the Year/One Is the Lonliest Number June 18, 2008


2006: Nominated Annie Award for best music in an Animated Television Production: Jeff Danna, For episode "Case of the Missing Rings".

Voice cast

Character Actor/actress
Announcer, Bula, Multo, Saturn, Pluto, additional voices Cam Clarke
Dark Truder, Testy, Jupiter, additional voices Kurt Kelly
Zeeter, Traxie, additional voices Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Wigg, Wizzy B. J. Ward and Nika Futterman
Gorga, additional voices Frank Welker
Earth, Sun, Black Hole, additional voices Catherine Thompson
Cloid, Buzzy, additional voices Dave Wittenberg
Additional voices Jeff Bennett
Rob Paulsen
Tom Kenny
Keith Ferguson
Niki Haris
Tim Whitnall
April Winchell

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