The Zambonis

The Zambonis

The Zambonis
Background information
Origin Bridgeport, CT, United States
Genres pop punk
Indie rock
Years active 1991-present
Labels Tarquin Records
Members Dave Schneider
Jon Aley
Mat Orefice
Tom Andrukevich
Shawn Fogel
Tarquin Katis
Cary Pollick
Peter Katis
Steve Tanski
Matt Gonzalez

The Zambonis are a Connecticut-based indie rock band formed in 1991 by musicians Dave Schneider (The LeeVees), Peter Katis, Jon Aley, and Tarquin Katis. The Zambonis write songs exclusively about hockey. Schneider says of the band's musical style: “We’re the only band in the world whose two biggest influences are The Beatles and Wayne Gretzky!”[1]

The NHL has commissioned the group to compose theme songs for the Boston Bruins and the Colorado Avalanche.[2] The band has toured with the Stanley Cup[3] and fundraised for Matt Cullen's organization, Cullen Children's Foundation.[4]

In deference to the ice resurfacer and Frank Zamboni, The Zambonis are a licensee of the Zamboni Company.


The Zambonis debut album, 100% Hockey...and Other Stuff,[5] was recorded at Tarquin Studios in Connecticut, USA and was released in 1996. The 15-song disc cracked the Top 40 on the CMJ charts,[6] and was added to the NHL, NCAA and minor league hockey arena playlists.[7]

In October 1999, the band released its second full-length album, More Songs About Hockey...and Buildings and Food.[8]

In 2002, the Zambonis opened the NHL All-Star Game along with Jewel and Five for Fighting.

In 2003, The Zambonis released a new album, Chippy Sessions, a compilation of rare live cuts, singles and demos.


In 2000, the Zambonis single "Hockey Monkey" was featured in the Mr. Wong episode "Meet the Creep, Pt. 2".[9]

In 2002, four Zambonis songs were featured on the Midway video game NHL Hitz 20-03.[10]

In March 2006, The Zambonis single "Hockey Monkey" (co-written by cartoonist James Kochalka) was chosen by Fox as the theme song to a new sitcom called The Loop.





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