The Thanksgiving Special

"The Thanksgiving Special"
Regular Show episode
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 13 & 14
Original air date November 25, 2013
Running time 23 minutes
Guest appearance(s)

"The Thanksgiving Special" is a Thanksgiving special of the American animated series Regular Show as part of the fifth season that aired on November 11, 2013 on Cartoon Network.

The episode drew in 3.04 million viewers, making it one of the most watched programs on cable.


After ruining the prepared Thanksgiving meal everyone made, Mordecai and Rigby have to fix everything before their families arrive for dinner.


The episode was written and story boarded by Benton Connor, Toby Jones, Andres Salaff and Calvin Wong. The episode includes guest stars' Terry Crews, Chord Overstreet, LaToya Luckett and Josh Keaton. The episode even included two original songs, What Are You Thankful For? and Chewing on Freedom.

According to J.G. Quintel, this episode "has some really awesome songs, but [they] ended up having to record the people in the songs all at separate times and that was really challenging."[1]

The episode was watched by 3.04 million viewers.[2]

Cultural references

Stettman's football jersey resembles the jersey used by the NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the 1970s. The water tower in the episode also has the current logo of Cartoon Network.


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