The Scenic Route

The Scenic Route
Directed by Mark Rappaport
Produced by Mark Rappaport
Elaine Sperber
Written by Mark Rappaport
Starring Randy Danson
Marilyn Jones
Kevin Wade
Cinematography Fred Murphy
Edited by Mark Rappaport
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release dates
  • April 15, 1978 (1978-04-15)
Running time
76 mins
Country United States
Language English

The Scenic Route is a 1978 American drama film, written and directed by Mark Rappaport. It stars Randy Danson, Marilyn Jones and Kevin Wade.


Estelle is living in New York and recovering from a bad relationship. She meets Paul and begins dating him, before he stops calling her one day. Shortly after, Estelle's sister Lena comes to stay. Lena brings home Paul, leading to a confusing love triangle.


Roger Ebert gave the film a positive review, saying "It's a movie of great, grave, tightly controlled visual daring, and you have never seen anything like it before."[1] Vincent Canby of The New York Times disliked it and wrote, "Mr. Rappaport's film-making manners are quite as foolish and empty-headed as his characters' affectations."[2]


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