The SFN logo
Launched December 5, 2011
Owned by The St. John-Fisher Co.
Slogan Web Worth Watching
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, U.S.

The SFN – The Online Network, also known as SFNTV, is an online television network created by online pioneers Stewart St. John and Todd Fisher with an emphasis on original web series and the soap opera genre. It launched with the SFN's own web soap California Heaven, and then added other independently produced web series from leading-edge creators in the web and television community.


Founded in 2011 by Stewart St. John and Todd Fisher, The SFN was launched with its own independently produced 100-episode web soap California Heaven. St. John-Fisher were previously part of the first online network American Cybercast in the late 90s. They were also the creators and producers of the first mobile, cross-convergent soap opera for Sprint – The Spot Wireless[1] – that cross-platformed stories with its web counterpart, The

The SFN: The Online Network, Business Model

The SFN showcases original web series created in-house and by select creators in the web community. St. John-Fisher have stated that The SFN is not a dumping ground for web content.[2] They hand-pick each series that airs on the network. The SFN is in further talks with advertisers to sponsor shows and provide product placement. Lifestyle brand 69 Slam sponsored select episodes of The SFN's California Heaven during its first season run of 24 episodes.[3] St. John-Fisher believe that keeping production costs low and working with advertisers to sponsor different series with uniquely designed campaigns tailored for each series is a solid business model for The SFN.


3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards

The SFN, in conjunction with We Love Soaps, executive produced the 3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards in New York City on Tuesday, February 21. Directed by Stewart St. John, the show opened with a live musical number "Online!" (composed by St. John) and performed by actress Collen Zenk from As the World Turns fame. The show was broadcast on Sunday, March 18 at 6pm pacific on The SFN. According to Google analytics, over 100,000 visitors flooded the site to access the show.



Online Network The SFN Building Its Programming Block

Hollywood Online Pioneers Stewart St. John And Todd Fisher Launch California Heaven On The SFN, The Online Network

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