The Remix Wars: Strike 2

The Remix Wars: Strike 2
Remix album by Front Line Assembly and Die Krupps
Released 1996
Recorded 1996
Genre Industrial, electro-industrial, industrial metal
Length 29:13
Label Off Beat, Cleopatra
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The Remix Wars: Strike 2
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III - Odyssey of the Mind
The Remix Wars: Strike 2
Paradise Now
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The Remix Wars: Strike 2 is remix album of Canadian industrial band Front Line Assembly and German industrial band Die Krupps, released in 1996. It is subtitled "Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps". It is the second in a series of four remix albums on which two bands remix each other's tracks. The liner notes of the album describes the concept: "Two different groups or projects fight each other using samplers, mixing consoles and creativity as their weapons."[3] The first three tracks are from III - Odyssey of the Mind, the other tracks are from Hard Wired.

Track listing

All lyrics written by Ralf Dörper, except where noted; all music composed by Jürgen Engler and Lee Altus. 

Die Krupps (Remixed by Front Line Assembly)
1."Metalmorphosis (Shifting Mutation Mix)"  4:19
2."The Last Flood (Blood Stream Mix)"  5:36
3."Scent (Pheromone Mix)" (Lyrics by Engler)4:52

All tracks written by Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber. 

Front Line Assembly (Remixed by Die Krupps)
4."Neologic Spasm (Dislocated Mix)"  3:54
5."Barcode (Re-Assembled Mix)"  4:13
6."Transparent Species (Clustered Mix)"  6:19



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