The Poisoner

The Poisoner
Written by Anne Giafferi
Daniel Riche
Olga Vincent
Directed by Christian Faure
Starring Muriel Robin
Theme music composer Charles Court
Carolin Petit
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French
Producer(s) Jean-Pierre Alessandri
Olga Vincent
Anne Leduc
Arlette Zylberberg
Cinematography Willy Stassen
Editor(s) Jean-Daniel Fernandez-Qundez
Running time 200 minutes
Production company(s) Ramona Productions
Original network TF1
Original release
  • 25 September 2006 (2006-09-25)

The Poisoner or Marie Besnard, l'empoisonneuse is a 2006 French-Belgium drama television film directed by Christian Faure. It stars Muriel Robin as Marie Besnard and it was broadcast on TF1 in 2006.


In 1947, in Loudun, Mary and Leon Besnard celebrate with their friends, eighteen years of marriage. Marie surprising gestures moved between Leo and her best friend, Louise. Soon after, Leo gets sick and dies. Louise confided to a friend that Leo was convinced he was poisoned by his wife. In Paris, Simone Roulier, a trainee journalist, decides to cover the case.


  • Muriel Robin as Marie Besnard
  • Mélanie Bernier as Simone Roulier
  • Olivier Saladin as Auguste Leclerc
  • Grégory Fitoussi as Monsieur Vidal
  • Marie-Hélène Lentini as Madame Rossignol
  • Mado Maurin as Madame Davaillaud
  • Maurice Antoni as Frédéric Joliot-Curie
  • Jean-Yves Chatelais as Léon Besnard
  • Annie Grégorio as Louise Pinson
  • Marie-France Santon as Madame Trousseau
  • Jean-Noël Brouté as Inspector Lavalette
  • Cécile Bois as Lawyer Chantal Jacquemin
  • Philippe Magnan as Lawyer Gabard
  • Philippe du Janerand as President Guirec
  • Pierre Laroche as President Boissier
  • Jean-Paul Dubois as Doctor Vallois
  • Julien Cafaro as Doctor Cellier
  • André Penvern as Professor Boiledieu
  • René Carton as Professor Griffon
  • Max Delor as Professor Kohn-Abres
  • Philippe Faure as Professor Peccoux
  • Benoît Georges as Professor Ollivier
  • Jean-Marc Roulot as Professor Perrot
  • Jacques Leplus as Professor Kelling
  • Jean-Pierre Alessandri as Monsieur Bonbour
  • Maria Ducceschi as Madame Duzac
  • Vincent Duviau as Célestin Fichet
  • Zazie Delem as Ginette Baujan
  • Nicolas Jouhet as René Davaillaud
  • Frank Geney as Ady
  • Gérard Chaillou as Bodin
  • Pascal Reneric as Jacques
  • Maëva Pasquali as Marylou
  • Anne Girouard as Henriette
  • Jean-Paul Bonnaire as Gaston
  • François Aramburu as Pixier
  • Stéphane Jobert as Garnier
  • Anne Loiret as Simone's Mother


Award Category Recipient Result
International Emmy Awards Best Actress Muriel Robin Won


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