The Order (2017 film)

The Order
Directed by Nick Gillard
David Wald
Produced by Karan Ashley
Johnny Yong Bosch
David Fielding
Tim Grace
Zachary Taylor McGinnis
Jeff Rodgers
Written by Nick Gillard
David Wald
Starring Austin St. John
Walter Emanuel Jones
Catherine Sutherland
David Yost
Johnny Yong Bosch
Paul Schrier
Karan Ashley
Steve Cardenas
Erin Cahill
Blake Foster
Nakia Burrise
Hilary Shepard Turner
Dan Southworth
Alyson Sullivan
Deborah Estelle Phillips
Azim Rizk
Jason Faunt
David Fielding
Yoshi Sudarso
Kevin Kleinberg
Kash Pictures
Release dates
  • 2017 (2017)
Country United States
Language English

The Order is 2017 an american upcoming movie released by Nick Gillard and David Wald. The film stars exclusively of former Power Rangers actors including: Austin St. John, Walter Emanuel Jones, Catherine Sutherland, David Yost, Johnny Yong Bosch, Paul Schrier, Karan Ashley, Steve Cardenas, Erin Cahill, Blake Foster, Nakia Burrise, Hilary Shepard Turner, Dan Southworth, Alyson Sullivan, Deborah Estelle Phillips, Azim Rizk, Jason Faunt, David Fielding, Yoshi Sudarso and Kevin Kleinberg.[1]


The movie was financed by a indiegogo campaign.[2]


A clandestine group known as The Order, dedicates their lives to fight evil in all its forms, but when a threat is led by some of their own team, everything changes ...[3] The Order 2017 movie trailer official



This initiative is acclamed by critics[5][6] and especially by all Power Rangers fans in the world.[7][8][9][10][11][12][13]


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