The Only Way (1970 film)

The Only Way
Directed by Bent Christensen
Produced by Barry Levinson
Screenplay by John Gould
Starring Jane Seymour
Ebbe Rode
Helle Virkner
Ove Sprogoe
Music by Carl Davis
Cinematography Henning Kristiansen
Edited by Norman Wanstall
Hemisphere Pictures
Laterna Films
Distributed by Universal Marion Corporation
Release dates
  • October 20, 1970 (1970-10-20)
Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Only Way is a 1970 war drama film about the Rescue of the Danish Jews starring Jane Seymour.


In October, 1943 in occupied Denmark, the Nazis decide to deport the Danish Jews to extermination camps. However, the Danish people decide to prevent this. Lillian Stein is a Jewish ballet teacher, learns of the Nazi plan, but her father, a violin dealer, refuses to leave. The Nazi roundup nets very few Jews, because most have gone into hiding, protected by the Danish resistance. Soldiers break into the Steins apartment, but they are not there, as they are hiding downstairs in the apartment of their friend, Mr. Petersen. The Resistance plans on how to get the Jews out of the country by hiring fishing boats to take them to neutral Sweden. Petersen meets with various people in an effort to get the Steins out of the country. Stein leaves the apartment to try and sell a valuable violin he owns to get funds. When Dr. Kjær comes to pick up the family, Mrs. Stein refuses to leave without her husband and sends Lillian on ahead. The Nazis return to Stein’s shop, but he again eludes capture. The next day when the couple are leaving Petersen’s apartment, Lars, Stein's assistant gives his life to prevent their capture. After some narrow escapes both Lillian and her parents reach the evacuation point. They get in a small boat and reach Sweden.



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