The Nun (2005 film)

The Nun
Directed by Luis De La Madrid
Starring Anita Briem
Manu Fullola
Cristina Piaget
Alistair Freeland
Teté Delgado
Oriana Bonet
Belén Blanco
Alexia Iborra
Paulina Gálvez
Natalia Dicenta
Lola Marceli
Music by Luc Suarez
Distributed by Filmax International
Release dates
  • 12 May 2005 (2005-05-12) (Cannes Film Festival)
Running time
101 minutes
Country Spain
Language English / Spanish

The Nun (Spanish: La Monja) is a 2005 Spanish horror film directed by Luis De La Madrid.


An insane nun terrorizes her students. One of the girls named Mary is discovered to have been impregnated by an important official at the school. The malicious Nun Sister Ursula walks in on her in the bathroom to see what she is doing and discovers her secret.

Disgusted, the Nun tries to force an abortion on the girl with a bathroom appliance. But her friends, having snuck out earlier that same night to have a midnight snack, hear Mary screaming in pain as the Nun brutalises her. They attack the Nun and force her to release Mary, causing her to bump her head and fall into a bathtub filled with water.

The girls leave Sister Ursula in a pond blessed by priests as Holy Water. They swear an oath of secrecy, and the Spanish Authorities of Barcelona simply report the Sister missing.

Eighteen years later, the pond is drained. The vengeful soul of the nun is thus freed from her watery prison, and leaves to wreak havoc on the lives of the girls who were her mortal downfall.

A young girl, Eve- goes to the boarding school, after her mother (the pregnant girl Ursula wanted to 'cleanse') is murdered, to find out what is going on. There, she meets the other two survivors, and together with some of Eve's friends, they defend themselves from Ursula's spirit whilst desperately trying to figure out how to banish the nun once and for all.

The first act of the ghostly Ursula is the incineration . Then Mary herself is attacked by the evil spirit in her own home. Eve, the main character of this film, arrives home to see an apparition slitting her mother's throat before leaving through a window. After reporting this to the police and being disbelieved - her mother's death being recorded as suicide - Eve joins with an old friend of her mother's to create her own investigation.

After Joanna's death in London, Christy, along with all the other girls involved in the Ursula incident, had suspected that it was not an accident and that it somehow had something to do with the murder they had committed years earlier. Christy plans to tell Eve everything she knows, but before they are able to meet for the discussion, Christy is killed in an elevator, her hands horribly severed.

Eve returns home that night and finds an old love letter addressed to her mother, by someone named Miguel. But other than that she finds nothing that could point her to the answers she needs. So Eve takes it upon herself to see the other members of her mother's circle of friends and warn them before it is too late. She goes to a Special Theological Institute where she can find the archives of the old boarding school, which had been shut down after the Nun's disappearance. The woman told her she was going to meet with her mother the next day and all of the other classmates in Barcelona, Spain. Eve decides to go to Barcelona, warn them, and try to find out what had actually happened.

Later on, she meets and falls in love with a young Spanish man who is studying to be a priest and employs him to translate all of the archival documents for her. He returns later that night with the information she seeks including the address of one of the survivors, a woman named Eulalia who is native to Barcelona. But she arrives too late as Eulalia is murdered by the Nun by being crucified in her own bathroom. She and the others arrived on the scene to see Eulalia dead but also hear a message left on the answering machine by the last two survivors of the group asking her to meet with them on the old boarding school. She and her friends go there to warn them. She explains that Eulalia and Christy are both dead and that she has seen the killer and knows her to be the nun Ursula. The women explain to her that this is impossible because they had taken her life years before.

Eve asks them where Ursula's old room is, and once there she and the young priest find a Bible dedicated to Ursula by a priest named Father Miguel. Eve remembers the name Miguel and tries to understand what is familiar about it. In a romantic moment, she and the young priest kiss - only for Eve to stop it as she does not want to do anything in the room where the creature that had killed her mother once lived.

The Priest receives a moment of clarity and asks her to remain there while he goes to check something. Once alone, the spirit of the dead nun in the form of water appears under the covers of her old bed and passes right though Eve. Eve receives a vision of her mother in the past, speaking on the phone to a man named Miguel. Once the Priest returns he finds her in a state of shock and comforts her then shows her what he has discovered. As everyone gathers in a hallway, he explains that each of the girls, the women who are now dying, share their names with Catholic saints. As these saints died, so are the women dying. A sick re-enactment of the Martyrdom.

At this point, one of the two remaining women starts to vocally blame Eve for the trouble they are all in, as she is "the sin" that Sister Ursula was trying to purge in the first place. She locks herself up in a room, where the Nun then kills her by decapitation. The last survivor tells Eve that her father was a catholic priest, Father Miguel, and that was why the other survivor blamed her for the whole situation. The young priest supposes that the Nun could only die in the water and that she can only be killed as her own namesake Saint, St. Ursula had died: By an arrow through the heart. They make a makeshift arrow and place it in a gun to fire it into the Nun's heart and kill her. Once and for all. They do not manage to lay Ursula to rest in time to save the last survivor, who is burned to death in an oven. Unfortunately the young Priest is also killed, as he is hurled into a wall by a bursting water main, due to a plan to flood a room so that Eve could vanquish the spirit of Ursula.

Eve enters the room, takes breaths and waits underwater with the gun in hand to face her opponent. Joel tells Julia that his theory is that he believes that Eve must have always been mentally deranged, and knew all along that she had been fathered by a Priest. He supposes that her mother and mother's friends had murdered the nun. So, she somehow developed a split personality taking on the role of the nun and thus carried out these murders in her name. They then go down to where the water is flooded and see Eve killed by her own spear.


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