Nicktoons Film Festival

The Nickelodeon Awards Movies
Genre Animation Film Festival
Created by Fred Seibert
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 114
Executive producer(s) Fred Seibert/Frederator Studios
Producer(s) Nicktoons Network
Original network Nicktoons Network
Original release October 24, 2004 
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The Nicktoons Animation Festival (also known as the Nicktoons Network Film Festival) was an annual event that was created by producer Fred Seibert and produced for its first three years by his Frederator Studios.[1] The festival featured a selection of animated shorts (10 minutes and under) from around the globe. Shorts selected for the festival had the chance to be aired on Nicktoons Network, online and to be showcased at a live event in Los Angeles in October. Several prizes were awarded each year. Animators under 18 years old were eligible to enter the Greater Creator Contest. 2009 was the final season of the festival.


2005 winners

2006 winners

2007 winners


Season 1 (The Nicktoons Film Festival 2004)

  1. Charlie & Chunk (Stop-frame, Clay animation)
  2. Timmy's Lessons in Nature (Traditional 2D)
  3. It Could Be Worse (Traditional 2D)
  4. Childhood Trauma #17 (CG animation, created in Softimage: XSI)
  5. Lucky Penny (Traditional 2D)
  6. The Manly Bee (Animated in Flash)
  7. Day Off the Dead (CG animation)
  8. April (Traditional 2D)
  9. The Thing with No Head (Traditional 2D)
  10. Rotting Hills: Clark's New Home (Animated in Flash)
  11. Jack & Jill (CG, animated in Alias' Maya Software)
  12. Attack of the Note Sheep (Traditional 2D, composited with live-action footage)
  13. At Wit's Vend (CG animation, completed in Alias' Maya software)
  14. The 9th Life of Sherman Phelps: Serenity Now (Animated in Flash)
  15. Boing Boing (CG using Alias' Maya software)
  16. Scout Says (Traditional 2D with digital color)
  17. Magnetism (Animated in Alias' Maya software with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects)
  18. Atomic Love (Traditional 2D with 3D elements)
  19. Birdon (CG animation)
  20. Ape Escape, Part I (CG animation)
  21. Winged Devices (CG animation)
  22. Miracle Koala: Belt for Punishment (Animated in Flash)
  23. Sucker (3D created in Alias' Maya software)
  24. Monkey Fuss (2D using Adobe Premier, Photoshop, and After Effects)
  25. Bert (CG with 2D textures)
  26. Heads, You Lose! (CG animation)
  27. Manbird (Animated from Flash to QuickTime)
  28. Monstories: Fine Diners (2D & 3D Mix)
  29. Interrogating Ernie (Stop-frame & CG animation)
  30. Hairy Affairs (CG animation)
  31. Lou & Costa: Burglar Welcome Mat (2D animation)
  32. Roy & Dog (CG animation)
  33. Thirsty (Pencil on Mark & Paper)
  34. Dia de Los Muertos (Stop-frame & CG animation)
  35. Skippy (Traditional 2D)
  36. The Not So Heroic Adventures of Sidekick: Dooms Day Dog (Animated in Flash)
  37. <ESC> (CG created in Hash Animation Master)
  38. A Rhinocervs (2D animation)
  39. Tell Me Not to Worry (CG, 2D, and Stop-frame)
  40. Happy Mania (Adobe PhotoShop and After Effects)
  41. Welcome to My Life (Hand-drawn 2D; remaked as a pilot for Cartoon Network in 2015)[2]
  42. Kactus Kid (Animated in Flash and Traditional 2D)
  43. Robot Family: The Slick Salesman (Digital 2D)
  44. Wingnut (CG animation)
  45. Medusa: Pilot (Stop-frame animation)
  46. Martini and Meatballs: Avery's Game (Animated in Flash)
  47. Gruesomenstein's Monsters: Freddie and the Yeti (Animated in Flash)
  48. PGi-13 (CG with 2D sequences)
  49. Hero: 108 (Animated in Flash; basis for the series on Cartoon Network)
  50. Josh W. Eats a Bug (Traditional animation)
  51. Zoya the Zebra (2D animation)
  52. Doggie Door (Traditional animation)
  53. Bottom of the 9th (CG animation created in Alias' Maya software)
  54. The Turn-Off (2D cut-out animation with a 3D character)
  55. It's My Turn (Animated in Pencil)
  56. Kenya (Animated in Flash)
  57. Coolman: Deep Sea Blues (Animated in Flash)
  58. Haina: A Concert (2D animation)
  59. Gumbusters (2D animation)
  60. Ape Escape, Part II (CG animation)
  61. The Wild Wild Circus Company: Fishy Memories (2D animation with 3D textures)
  62. Loco Melones (3D animated in SoftImage XSI)
  63. Playing Cricket (3D animated in Hash's Animation Master)
  64. Beach Booty (2D, edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects)
  65. Fool Throttle (Animated in Flash)
  66. Monkey, Monkey (2D animation)
  67. Rustbuckets: The Last Rainforest (CG animation)
  68. Six Snails Snoring (Animated in Flash)
  69. Pigly (3D animation completed with Alias' Maya software)
  70. Much Ado About Ice Cream (2D animation)
  71. Shlub (2D animation)
  72. Polygon Family II (3D animation completed with Alias' Maya software)
  73. The Appointment (2D animation with digital color)
  74. Magical Trevor (2D animation)
  75. Nagymamma (Traditional animation)
  76. Rockfish (3D animation completed with Discreet's 3dsmax)
  77. The Tribe (Flash 2D animation)
  78. Bath Time (3D animation)
  79. Harold Rosenbaum Chartered Accountant Extreme: Ledger Boy Liquidation (Animated in Flash)
  80. Minue (2D animation)
  81. Ape Escape, Part III (CG animation)

Season 2 (NEXTOONS: The Nicktoons Film Festival 2005)

  1. La Révolution des Crabes (2D & 3D combo)
  2. Hobbies: Model Bus Collector (CG animation)
  3. Runaway Bathtub (Paper cut-out & stop-frame)
  4. Unmarked (3D animation)
  5. Those Scurvy Rascals (3D animation)
  6. Her Teddy Bear (Classic 2D animation)
  7. Blue Dress (CG animation)
  8. Man's First Friend (CG animation)
  9. Terrance Eats Knowledge (Hand-drawn & 2D digital animation)
  10. Up, Up & Away (CG animation)
  11. Like Pandas (Flash animation)
  12. Pen vs. Pencil (CG animation)
  13. Plumber (CG animation)
  14. Anthem (CG animation)
  15. Peeves: Toilet Water (Flash animation)
  16. Short Circuit (Hand-drawn animation)
  17. Soup (Stop-motion)
  18. A Sixty Second Tragedy (CG animation)
  19. The Naive Man from Lolliland (Hand-drawn, digitally composited; adapted into Regular Show)
  20. Tricks for a Treat (Hand-drawn animation)
  21. Prey (Hand-drawn animation)
  22. Chris Walker's Unfortunate Alphabet (Hand-drawn & CG-mixed)
  23. The Mouschist (Hand-drawn animation)
  24. First Kiss (Hand-drawn, digitally composited)
  25. Maestro (CG animation)
  26. The Gross Hunger (Hand-drawn animation)
  27. Getting Ice Cream (CG animation)
  28. Out of Beat (Paper cut-outs and digital animation)
  29. Mig Said... (Flash animation)
  30. Help! (CG animation)
  31. The Z-Files (Flash animation)
  32. The Monster Within (CG animation)
  33. To a Man with a Big Nose (2D and CG combo)
  34. Mille (CG animation)
  35. Over the Moon (Hand-drawn & CG combo)
  36. Anaka (CG animation)
  37. Oh, Dear! (Hand-drawn animation)
  38. A Short Visit to Toy Town (CG animation)
  39. Love Affair (Hand-drawn animation)
  40. Five Informercials for Dentists (Hand-drawn animation)
  41. Defective (CG animation)
  42. Betty (CG animation)
  43. Nulbur (Flash animation)
  44. In-Out (CG animation)
  45. The Laws of Gravity (Flash animation)
  46. The Life of a Mime (CG animation)
  47. Fee Fi Fo Fum (Digital cut-out)
  48. Sing-a-Long with Roosevelt (CG animation)
  49. Un-Doo (stop-motion)
  50. Egghunt (CG animation)
  51. Farm Force: Send in the Clones (2D animation)

The 2006 Nicktoons Network Animation Festival aired on Nicktoons Saturday, August 26, 2006– Wednesday, August 30, 2006. Winners were announced on Thursday, August 31, 2006.

Season 3 (The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival 2006)

  1. A Great Big Robot from Outer Space Ate My Homework (CGI animation)
  2. The Tale of How (2D CGI, Flash, Cutout)
  3. Great Apespectations (Traditional 2D)
  4. Handshake (Traditional animation)
  5. Bip Bip (Cutout)
  6. Dog Worries (Computer 2D)
  7. The Ballad of Sheep 13 (Classical 2D)
  8. Late Night Comedy (CGI animation)
  9. La Tete Dans les Nuages (The Head in the Clouds) (CGI animation)
  10. Super Scout (Traditional 2D; adapted into The Mighty B!)
  11. Libraryhead (Traditional 2D)
  12. Penguin Day Spa Commercial (CGI animation)
  13. Doodle of Doom (Hand-Drawn, Flash)
  14. Juxtaposer (Traditional animation)
  15. Animation Test Pilot (CG)
  16. Engrish Bwudd (Stopmotion, 2D drawn, Pixelation)
  17. Abstract (Flash)
  18. Breakfast with The King (CG)
  19. The Mad Scientist Show: The Transporter (Flash)
  20. Giant's Kitchen (Traditional 2D)
  21. Crocodile Journals (Stopmotion)
  22. La Mia Migliore Amica (Flash)
  23. A Choreography with White-Fronted Geese, Horses, and a Locomotive (3D animation)
  24. Deep Six (Digital Flash)
  25. Eureka! (3D animation)
  26. Gorilla (Pencil on Paper)
  27. The New Guy (Flash)
  28. The M Man (Hand-Drawn)
  29. I Love You Kitty (Traditional 2D)
  30. The Sunshine (CG)
  31. Manege Frei (Flash)
  32. Egg Song (Flash)
  33. Zeitsprung Timetravels (3D)
  34. Exit (3D)
  35. Small and Deep, Love Stories (2D digital cutout and Hand-Drawn)
  36. The Passenger (3D)
  37. Sinking Margot (3D)
  38. The Moustache Contest (Flash)
  39. Snout (CG)
  40. Polka (Pencil on Paper)

Season 4 (2007)

  1. L’amie De Zoe (3D)
  2. Zoologic (3D animation)
  3. Saalis (cut-outs)
  4. Soñadora (stop motion)
  5. Bare (pencil on paper, watercolor)
  6. Striped (Classical animation, colored in Photoshop, composited in After Effects)
  7. Hedgehug (2D computer, Flash)
  8. Hominid (Trad. 2D [brush and ink, digital ink and paint])
  9. Kiwi! (3D animation)
  10. Carried Away (3D computer)
  11. Monster on the Moon (Stop Motion, Cut-outs)
  12. José y Maria (Traditional animation [Hand-drawn])
  13. Angst (Mixed technique: pencil drawings/video/photo/3DFX)
  14. A Peach for the Teach (Traditional hand-drawn animation, colored on computer)
  15. Freewheel (Hand-drawn, water-colored, After Effects)
  16. Cranks (3D computer)
  17. Feb-18-05 (drawing)
  18. Mortimer Pigmun and His Time Traveling Chums (stop motion)
  19. St. Laleeloo (2D traditional)
  20. Barfy the Pig in a Day in the Park (3D)
  21. Process Enacted (pixilation/stop-motion)
  22. Old Chestnut (2D animation, Adobe After Effects)
  23. Puppet (Hand-drawn, color/composite digitally)
  24. Zoologic (Hand-drawn animation or Traditional animation)
  25. After Oz (3D)
  26. The Little Dictator (2D computer)
  27. Think Like a Frog (Flash)
  28. Art's Desire (2D with 3D backgrounds)
  29. Loose Change (Computer animation)
  30. Insomnia (pastels on paper)

Season 5 (Nicktoons Network Animation Festival: 5th Year Animation Matters 2008)

  1. Alien Abduction (3-D Animation)
  2. Once Upon a Tyme (3-D animation)
  3. Lilium Urbanus (3-D Animation)
  4. Red & Blue (3-D animation)
  5. Paper Cut (2-D Animation)
  6. Theatrum Comicum of Insects (2-D Animation)
  7. Boogie and Diggie (2-D Animation)
  8. The Adventures of Jane (2-D Flash Animation)
  9. Dive (3-D Animation)
  10. Mock and Boy'd: Get Out Of My Tree (2-D Animation)
  11. Getting Suspended (Sketching)
  12. Kid Show (Drawing Animation)
  13. Hal Mang (2-D Animation)
  14. The Matchbook (3-D Animation)
  15. La Lune (3-D animation)
  16. The Space Burger (2-D Animation)
  17. Galactic Adventure Quest in Space (2-D Animation)
  18. Henshin (3-D Animation)
  19. Sheep (Stop-Motion)
  20. Come Back Sweetheart (3-D Animation)
  21. Monster Movie (2-D Animation)
  22. El Mono (3-D Animation)
  23. Solar (3-D animation)
  24. Bathtime In Clerkenwell (2-D Animation)
  25. A Faery's Tale (3-D animation)
  26. Sticky the Stick (series) (2-D Flash Animation)
  27. Go Nuts Animation (2-D Animation)
  28. Pea on the Screws (Hand-Drawn 2-D animation)
  29. Pajama Gladiator (3-D Animation)

Season 6: Nickelodeon Animation Festival 2009

  1. Insert Coin
  2. Kina Sky
  3. Magic Theater
  4. Mariza
  5. No Quarter
  6. Oakley and Bud in 'Rogue UFO'
  7. Otis v. Monster
  8. Pencilmation #7: Malice in Wonderland
  9. Popped
  10. Shiny!
  11. So Close to the Sun
  12. Some Facts About Owls
  13. Squeak
  14. Tang
  15. The History of an Animation
  16. The History of Man Part 2
  17. The Switch
  18. Tickle Me Silly
  19. Ultra Super Sudden Death
  20. Value Blind
  21. Vampirofaga
  22. At Deaths Door
  23. Barfy the Pig: Episode 6
  24. Best Present Ever
  25. Cricket
  26. Deadline
  27. Divers
  28. Flying Boy
  29. Hubo
  30. Do Not Feed the Alligators

2009 was the final season of the festival.[3]

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