The New Archie and Sabrina Hour

The New Archie and Sabrina Hour
Genre Cartoon series
Voices of John Erwin
José Flores
Dallas McKennon
Howard Morris
Jane Webb
Ending theme "Super Witch" (instrumental)
Composer(s) Ray Ellis
Norm Prescott
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Norm Prescott
Lou Scheimer
Producer(s) Don Christensen
Editor(s) Jim Blodgett
Running time 1 hour
Production company(s) Filmation
The Sabrina Company (Superwitch segments)
Original release September 10 (1977-09-10) – December 3, 1977 (1977-12-03)
Preceded by The U.S. of Archie

The New Archie and Sabrina Hour (advertised as The Archie-Sabrina Show) is the seventh and final animated series featuring Archie Comics characters under the Filmation banner. The series premiered on NBC in September, rebroadcasting segments from The Archie Show, as well as brand-new segments featuring Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. The show's format featured three segments per episode: a 15-minute one, a 30-minute one, and another 15-minute one—with the segments separated by songs (two songs per episode) and the first segment invariably featuring and emphasizing Sabrina.

Low ratings caused the hourlong format to be shelved by October.[1] The show was retooled, then divided into separate 30-minute shows: Archie's Bang Shang Lollapalooza Show featured Archie's Gang solving mysteries around Riverdale (each 30-minute segment), while Superwitch featured Sabrina solving mysteries using her powers (each pair of 15-minute segments); each show featured one song per episode. The low ratings continued, however, and all three shows were gone by the spring of 1978—thus ending the Archie Comics/Filmation partnership.

The new segments from this show are listed by Entertainment Rights as The Archie and Sabrina Surprise Package.


Episode list

Archie segment / Sabrina segment / Archie and Sabrina segment First aired:
1 "Chief Archie / Alter Ego / French Deception" 1977·Sep·10
2 "Me and My Shadow / Goolie Sitter / Dilton's Invention" 1977·Sep·17
3 "There Is No Place Like Outer Space / Cliché Castle / Carlos' Cool Caper" 1977·Sep·24
4 "A Moving Experience / Witch Picnic / The Talent Show" 1977·Oct·01
5 "Robert Blueford / Moose on the Loose / Weatherbee-Fuddled" 1977·Oct·08
6 "Tops in Cops / Pot Luck / TV Witch Watchers" 1977·Oct·15
7 "Track and Field / Funny Paper Caper / Chimp Gone Ape" 1977·Oct·22
8 "Where There Is Smoke / Teenage Grundy / Talent Test" 1977·Oct·29
9 "Archie's Millions / Talking Bird / All Washed Up" 1977·Nov·05
10 "Career Day / Merlin's Story / A Colorful Experience" 1977·Nov·12
11 "The Quixote Caper / Teenie the Terror / The Last Windup" 1977·Nov·19
12 "Pirate Key / Cartoonie Loonie / Bon Appetite" 1977·Nov·26
13 "On the 'Q' Tee / Party Pooper / Funhouse" 1977·Dec·03

Additional reference

^-Lenburg, Jeff, Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons, First Edition. The complete series was released on Region 4 DVD in Australia as The Archie And Sabrina Surprise Package.


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