The New Adventures of Lucky Luke

The New Adventures of Lucky Luke
Genre Animated Series, Western, Adventure, Comedy, Action
Created by Morris
Directed by Olivier Jean-Marie
Composer(s) Ramon Pipin
Hervé Lavandier
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s) Marc du Pontavice
Producer(s) Marc du Pontavice
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Xilam
Lucky Comics
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Original network France 3
Original release September 16, 2001 – May 4, 2003
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Les Nouvelles Aventures de Lucky Luke (English: The New Adventures of Lucky Luke) is a French animated television series based on Lucky Luke, a Franco-Belgian comic book series created by the Belgian cartoonist, Morris. The series consists of fifty-two 30 minute episodes. It was directed by Olivier Jean-Marie and produced by Marc du Pontavice at the Xilam studios in Paris, France. The music for the series was composed by Ramon Pipin and Hervé Lavandier.


Lucky Luke is a cowboy who shoots faster than his own shadow. With the help of his faithful horse Jolly Jumper (the world's smartest horse) and sometimes also Rintindumb (the world's dumbest dog), he maintains peace and order. In the Wild West. he hunts down desperadoes, keeps sharpshooters like Billy the Kid in check and constantly recaptures and returns The Daltons to prison.

French cast


English cast


  1. "Liki Liki" (September 16, 2001)
  2. "Lucky Luke In Alaska"
  3. "The Daltons Against Sherlock Holmes"
  4. "Lucky Luke Against Lucky Luke"
  5. "Light In The West"
  6. "Neither Dalton Nor Master"
  7. "Indian Roulette"
  8. "Fort Custer"
  9. "The Treasure Of The Daltons"
  10. "Flying Man"
  11. "A Fistful Of Dalton"
  12. "The Heirs"
  13. "The Daltons Indians"
  14. "The Last Bison"
  15. "Justice for the Daltons
  16. "The Dalton's Christmas"
  17. "The Daltons Unleashed
  18. "Vultures in The Plain"
  19. "A Dad For The Daltons"
  20. "The Promised"
  21. "Desperadoes Union"
  22. "Ghosts And Pipes"
  23. "The Commodor"
  24. "Don Quijote of Texa"
  25. "The Battle"
  26. "The Mare"
  27. "Lola Montes"
  28. "The Beast of Alabama"
  29. "The Daltons See Double"
  30. "A Cannon For The Daltons"
  31. "Indian Romance"
  32. "The Daltons' Ghosts"
  33. "The Kid's Gang"
  34. "The Daltons Rise In The Air"
  35. "Custermania"
  36. "Jackpot For The Daltons"
  37. "Martian Theory"
  38. "The Daltons Cowboys"
  39. "Spies"
  40. "Charity Dalton"
  41. "Dalton Junior"
  42. "Trappers"
  43. "The Revenge Of The Daltons"
  44. "War of The Medics"
  45. "The Daltons vs. Billy The Kid"
  46. "Witness"
  47. "A Bone For The Daltons"
  48. "The Great Nose Of Talisman"
  49. "The Dalton Soldiers"
  50. "The Return Of Liki Liki"
  51. "Sequoia Bay"
  52. "The Schoolmaster"


Ten years after the last series of Lucky Luke episodes, Xilam has launched the production of new ones. The hope for Marc du Pontavice for this series is that it has to fill in the gap between the series already aired "which have aged" the new episodes "which have not aged". Fifty-two episodes were made with a budget of 120 million francs (just over EUR 18 million). These episodes are new stories written for the series.

Some characters are caricatures (Garcimore, Roberto Benigni, Woody Allen, ...)

Broadcast history

The series was broadcast in France on channel France 3 in The Minikeums preview. The series was later aired on France 2, Fox Kids /Jetix, Canal J, France 5, and since 7 July 2014, on 6ter. In Belgium, the series was broadcast on The Three [8] and is currently on Kadet (Belgium). In Switzerland it was broadcast on RTS Two, and in Quebec on Télé-Québec. Unusual for a cartoon, the series has been broadcast in prime time resulting in an increase in popularity. Viewing figures were close to 4 million viewers every Sunday night.

The series was also broadcast in Germany under the name of Lucky Luke - Die neuen Abenteuer (Lucky Luke - The New Adventures).

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