The Naked Brothers Band (album)

The Naked Brothers Band
Soundtrack album / Studio album by The Naked Brothers Band
Released October 9, 2007
Recorded Summer 2004, Summer 2006, May 2007
Genre Pop rock, teen pop
Length 42:00
Label Nick/Columbia
Producer Michael Wolff and Michael A. Levine
The Naked Brothers Band chronology
Music from the Movie
The Naked Brothers Band
I Don't Want to Go to School
Singles from The Naked Brothers Band
  1. "Crazy Car"
    Released: April 3, 2007
  2. "If That's Not Love"
    Released: September 10, 2007

The Naked Brothers Band is a soundtrack album by The Naked Brothers Band for Season 1 of The Naked Brothers Band television series. The album was also released as a deluxe fanpack that includes a poster, lyrics & 2 bonus tracks.



Nickelodeon saw The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie at the Hamptons International Film Festival, in late 2005. They picked the show up in 2006. Polly Draper asked her boys to record all the music for the series as an album.


After being asked to record an album, the brothers began writing several songs for the show. The songs had a pop style, directed more for younger viewers. Alex was only able to write two songs for the series, due to being 8 at the time.


The band released the album on October 7, 2007. The album debuted at #23 on the Billboard 200.

Track listings

All tracks written by Nat Wolff, except "I Could Be" and "Alien Clones" by Alex Wolff.

Season 1 Soundtrack[1]
1."If That's Not Love" (Theme Song)2:14
2."Taxi Cab" (from "Puberty")1:59
3."Banana Smoothie" (from "VMA's" and "A Man Needs A Maid")2:33
4."Crazy Car" (from "The Movie")2:44
5."Fishing For Love" (from "Fishin' for Love")2:32
6."I Indeed Can See" (from "Nat Is A Stand Up Guy")3:17
7."I'm Out" (from "VMA's")2:23
8."Sometimes I'll Be There" (from "The Wolff Brothers Cry Wolf")3:15
9."L.A." (from "Battle of the Bands, Parts 1 and 2")2:42
10."I Could Be" (from "A Rebel & A Skateboarder")2:17
11."Beautiful Eyes" (from "Alex's Clothing Line")2:40
12."Run" (from "Alien Clones")3:01
13."Nowhere (I Miss My Family)" (from "The Song")3:24
14."Alien Clones" (from "Alien Clones")2:44
15."Long Distance" (from "First Kiss (on the Lips that Is)")4:01
16."Catch Up With The End" (from "Nat Is A Stand Up Guy")3:55
17."Girl Of My Dreams" (from "Battle of the Bands, Part 2")3:26
Total length:42:00

International release

The album was released internationally, unlike their following album I Don't Want to Go to School. The album was released in England, Australia, Canada, Brazil and New Zealand.


Due to the Success of the first season of the show, it was commissioned for a second season. Season 2 aired in 2008 and an album was released which featured the music, I Don't Want to Go to School. The album was released in the United States alone on April 15, 2008.

Critical reception

Professional ratings
Review scores

The album received generally mixed reviews, Allmusic gave the album a 312 star rating [3] while other sites said the album was aimed at younger children, due to its bubblegum pop style and catchy lyrics. Sony Music gave the album a favourable 4 star rating, calling it great for kids, but not aimed at adults.[4]


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