The Longest Summer

The Longest Summer (Simplified Chinese: 去年烟花特别多, Traditional Chinese: 去年煙花特別多; lit: "The Flurry of Fireworks last year") is Hong Kong independent director Fruit Chan's second feature in the "1997 trilogy", first released in 1998. The first film in the trilogy is Made in Hong Kong. The movie details the problem faced by a group of disaffected Hong Kong ex-soldiers of the British Army, just before and after the 1997 handover by the People's Republic of China.


Ga Yin (Tony Ho Wah-Chiu), a former sergeant in the British Army, is discharged from his post following the imminent handover of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China in July 1997. He joins his younger brother Ga Suen (Sam Lee) to work for the underworld, as a chauffeur to a Triad leader. Owing to the financial difficulties faced by his former army mates, he decides to mastermind a bank robbery with his brother and his four army pals. But on the day they are robbing the bank, they realize another gang is working on the same plans too.


The film received eight nominations at the 18th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards, but won none. These are:

The film is also one of the ten recommended films of the 5th Annual Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.

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