The Life of Agustín Lara

The Life of Agustín Lara
Directed by Alejandro Galindo
Produced by Pascual Aragonés
Antonio Badú
Agustín Lara
Written by Alejandro Galindo
Ricardo Garibay
Starring Germán Robles
Lorena Velázquez
Ofelia Montesco
Music by Manuel Esperón
Cinematography José Ortiz Ramos
Edited by Fernando Martínez
Release dates
12 February 1959
Running time
116 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

The Life of Agustín Lara (Spanish: La vida de Agustín Lara) is a 1959 Mexican musical film directed by Alejandro Galindo and starring Germán Robles, Lorena Velázquez and Ofelia Montesco.[1] It is a biographical film about the life of the musician Agustín Lara.



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