The Jews of Islam

The Jews of Islam (1984) is a book written by Middle-East historian and scholar Bernard Lewis.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of the history and the state of the Jews living in the Islamic world (as contrasted to the Jews of Christendom). The first chapter, Islam and Other Religions, however, is broader in scope, and explains how Islamic society view the Other.


A quote from the author

The author claims:

"For Christians and Muslims alike, tolerance is a new virtue, intolerance a new crime. For the greater part of the history of both communities, tolerance was not valued nor was intolerance condemned. Until comparatively modern times, Christian Europe neither prized nor practiced tolerance itself, and was not greatly offended by its absence in others. The charge that was always brought against Islam was not that its doctrines were imposed by forcesomething seen as normal and naturalbut that its doctrines were false.[1]"


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