The Golem (album)

The Golem
Soundtrack album by Black Francis
Released 2010
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 01:24:05
Label Cooking Vinyl
Producer Eric Drew Feldman
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The Golem

The Golem is a soundtrack written and performed by Black Francis at the 2008 San Francisco International Film Festival for the 1920 film The Golem: How He Came into the World.

The soundtrack was released in 2010 as a 5-disc set. Only 500 copies were made, and was released exclusively for purchase from The set included 2 CDs containing the studio recordings, 2 CDs containing the original 2008 live performance at San Francisco International Film Festival, a DVD of The Golem: How He Came into the World with the soundtrack synced to the film, and a book containing chord charts by Nick Vincent and lyrics by Black Francis for The Golem. Each of the 500 copies were signed by Black Francis, and each were wrapped in brown paper and sealed with a "Black Francis" marked wax stamp.

A "rock songs" version, according to Francis, was released to the public in 2011. This version contains only the substantial songs, leaving out the reprises and themes that were included with the box set.

Track listing

  1. "You're Gonna Pay (Preview)"
  2. "Little Stars Theme"
  3. "Bad News"
  4. "Astaroth"
  5. "The Maharal"
  6. "Miriam and Florian"
  7. "Stars Theme"
  8. "Miriam and Florian Theme (Version 1)"
  9. "Stars"
  10. "The Conjuring"
  11. "Astaroth (Reprise)"
  12. "Makanujo (Preview)"
  13. "The Word"
  14. "The Obedient Servant"
  15. "Golem's Theme (Version 1)"
  16. "Miriam and Florian Theme (Version 2)"
  17. "Miriam and Florian Theme (Version 3)"
  18. "The Maharal (Reprise)"
  19. "Golem's Theme (Version 2)"
  20. "The Flower Song (Preview)"
  21. "Golem's Theme (Version 3)"
  22. "Miriam and Florian Theme (Version 4)"
  23. "Makanujo"
  24. "Golem's Theme (Version 4)"
  25. "Meet Me At The Ghetto Gates"
  26. "Custom All The Way"
  27. "You're Gonna Pay"
  28. "The Word (Reprise)"
  29. "(Oh How I Wish I Could) Stay"
  30. "Makanujo (Reprise)"
  31. "(Oh How I Wish I Could) Stay (Reprise)"
  32. "The Flower Song"
  33. "Golem's Theme (Version 5)"
  34. "The Obedient Servant (Reprise)"


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