The Glass Ghost

The Glass Ghost
EP by Phildel
Recorded 2013
Genre Pop, alternative pop, neoclassical
Length 23:29
Label Decca
Producer Ross Cullum
Professional ratings
Review scores

The Glass Ghost is the third extended play from British singer-songwriter Phildel. It was released on March 4, 2013 through Decca Records. The EP is a slight shift in sound from her first album, The Disappearance of the Girl, focusing on the incorporation of glassy, crystalline soundscapes and stripping back the use of beats.[3]

Track listing

1."Heaven: An Introduction"  Ross Cullum1:36
2."The Glass Ghost"  Ross Cullum3:55
3."Comfort Me"  Ross Cullum4:09
4."Celestial"  Ross Cullum3:42
5."Porcelain"  Ross Cullum5:06
6."Comfort Me (Delerium remix)"  Ross Cullum5:01


“My imagination is the biggest inspiration for my work,” says Phildel. “In my imagination, I guess because of my past, there’s a lot of dark imagery and sinister feelings."[4] Various videos of the album have been released on YouTube, featuring magical make-up looks designed and created by Klaire De Lys.[5]

"Holes In Your Coffin" was originally named 'Coffin Nails' back in 2008.[6]


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