The Fantasist

The Fantasist

DVD cover
Directed by Robin Hardy
Produced by Mark Forstater
Vivien Pottersman
Written by Anthony Shaffer
Based on Goosefoot
by Patrick McGinley
Starring Moira Sinise
Christopher Cazenove
Timothy Bottoms
Music by Stanislas Syrewicz
Cinematography Frank Gell
Edited by Thomas Schwalm
Incorporated Television Company
New Irish Film Productions
Release dates
August 1986 (UK)
6 March 1987 (Ireland)
Running time
98 minutes
Country Ireland
United Kingdom
Language English

The Fantasist is a 1986 Irish-British thriller film written and directed by Robin Hardy. The film stars Moira Sinise, Christopher Cazenove and Timothy Bottoms. It is based on the 1983 novel Goosefoot by Irish author Patrick McGinley.


An Irish woman moves from the suburbs to Dublin and begins receiving phone calls from a stranger while the city is being plagued by a serial killer who uses this method to lure his victims in. Even though she is aware of this, she finds herself drawn to the caller. An American teacher (Timothy Bottoms)[1] living in her building comes under suspicion.



Bob Geldof was originally cast to appear in the film but did not end up being involved in the production.[2]


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