The Famous Five (1990s TV series)

Famous Five
Genre Adventure, Children's
Written by Enid Blyton
Starring Jemima Rooper
Paul Child
Marco Williamson
Laura Petela
Christopher Good
Mary Waterhouse
Theme music composer Joe Campbell
Paul Hart
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 26
Producer(s) Peter Murphy
John Price
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 25 minutes
Production company(s) Zenith North,
Tyne Tees Television,
Original network Tyne Tees and HTV (1995)
Audio format Mono
Original release 10 September 1995 – 16 February 1997
Related shows The Famous Five (1970s series)

The Famous Five is a British television series based on the children's book series of the same name by Enid Blyton. It was first broadcast on Tyne Tees Television and HTV from 10 September 1995 onwards, and on CITV (the children's strand of ITV) from 1 July 1996 onwards; there were two series between 1995 and 1997, produced by Zenith North and Tyne Tees in 26 twenty-five-minute episodes.




First Series (initially shown on HTV and Tyne Tees)[1][2]

  1. Five on a Treasure Island (part 1) (10 September 1995)
  2. Five on a Treasure Island (part 2) (17 September)
  3. Five Get into Trouble (24 September)
  4. Five Go Adventuring Again (1 October)
  5. Five Fall into Adventure (8 October)
  6. Five Go to Demon's Rocks (15 October)
  7. Five on Kirrin Island Again (22 October)
  8. Five on Finniston Farm (29 October)
  9. Five Go Off to Camp (5 November)
  10. Five Have Plenty of Fun (12 November)
  11. Five on a Secret Trail (19 November)
  12. Five Go to Smuggler's Top (part 1) (26 November)
  13. Five Go to Smuggler's Top (part 2) (3 December)

Second Series (initially shown on HTV)

  1. Five Go Down to the Sea (part 1) (10 November 1996)
  2. Five Go Down to the Sea (part 2) (17 November)
  3. Five Run Away Together (24 November)
  4. Five Have a Mystery to Solve (1 December)
  5. Five Go to Mystery Moor (8 December)
  6. Five (Go) On a Hike Together (15 December)
  7. Five Have a Wonderful Time (part 1) (5 January 1997)
  8. Five Have a Wonderful Time (part 2) (12 January)
  9. Five Go Off in a Caravan (19 January)
  10. Five Get into a Fix (26 January)
  11. Five Are Together Again (2 February)
  12. Five Go to Billycock Hill (part 1) (9 February)
  13. Five Go to Billycock Hill (part 2) (16 February)

DVD releases

The series has been released in the Netherlands as a region 2 dvd boxset. Despite the covers and menus being in Dutch it contains the original English language soundtrack. Also despite it being labelled as complete it does not contain Five Go to Smuggler's Top.

The series has been more recently released in Australia as More Adventures Of The Famous Five. Unlike the Dutch release it is complete. As a bonus the boxset contains the Children's Film Foundation serial Five Have A Mystery To Solve.

Despite it being an British programme there has only been one DVD release in the UK which is Five On Treasure Island. This was released in 2004.


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