The Embassy Visual Effects

The Embassy is a visual effects studio located in Vancouver, Canada. The Embassy is known for its photo-realistic visual effects work on commercials and more recently, features.[1][2] The studio completed a number of visual effects shots for Marvel Studios, Iron Man and more recently contributed effects to the climactic sequence of the Peter Jackson produced film, District 9.[3][4][5] The Embassy's visual effects work on District 9 was nominated for an Academy Award.[6]

The Embassy is most famous for a series of commercials created for French automobile maker, Citroën. The commercials feature a computer generated car which transforms into a robot. The visual effects created for the first Citroën commercial were the subject of a promotional campaign by Apple Inc., promoting the use of its compositing software, Shake.

The Embassy has also worked on advertising campaigns for Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet and GMC.


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