The Doodlebops

The Doodlebops

The Doodlebops Live! in Ottawa, Ontario April 2006.
Background information
Origin Canada
Genres Pop rock
Labels DHX Media
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
Playhouse Disney (USA)
Playhouse Disney
Tiny Pop (UK)
Members Chad McNamara — Rooney Doodle
Lisa J. Lennox — Deedee Doodle
Jonathan Wexler — Moe Doodle
Notable instruments

The Doodlebops is a Canadian television series. "Rock & Bop with The Doodlebops" (Disney Records USA) was released in 2004. Its 2004–2007 TV broadcasting run, produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment, airs as reruns on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Canada in the Kids' CBC morning broadcast programming schedule, on Playhouse Disney (UK) and Tiny Pop in the UK, and on Starz Kids & Family in the USA, which is part of the Starz family of premium networks. The show previously aired on the Disney Channel in the USA as part of the Playhouse Disney morning programming schedule, but is no longer a part of that lineup. The Doodlebops had a live concert tour. The Doodlebops' stars are Lisa J. Lennox as Deedee Doodle, Chad McNamara as Rooney Doodle, and Jonathan Wexler as Moe Doodle.

The Doodlebops' characters are members of a children's band, The creators of The Doodlebops are Cookie Jar executive Michael Hirsh and musical director Carl Lenox. Jamie Waese is the producer and director of the TV series. David W. Connolly is the choreographer. Andrea Nevitt is the Line Producer. Gord McLennan is the Technical Producer. Ian Harvey is the Senior Editor.

The show features a mix of music, dancing, humor and skits that teach social lessons. The show always includes scenes from a concert in front of a preschool audience who actively participate in the singing and dancing.

The band members wear heavy makeup and/or prosthetics to look like live action cartoon characters. During the first season, they wore cloth hoods with fake ears.


The Doodlebops


The Doodlebops and Bus Driver Bob at a Doodlebops Live! concert in Anaheim, California on February 29, 2008.

Recurrent themes

Changes from Season one to Season two

There were several production and design changes that occurred on the TV show between season one and season two. Among them:

Changes made in Season three

Character changes from Season one to Season two

Rockin' Road Show

Although The Doodlebops TV series was cancelled, the Doodlebops have a new TV series called Doodlebops Rockin' Road Show, and is rated TV-Y. Jazzmin, Audio Murphy, Mr. Moosehead and Mudge no longer appear, for the Doodlebops are on tour. The only characters seen in every episode are Bus Driver Bob, Deedee Doodle, Rooney Doodle, Moe Doodle, and a small pink dog. In each episode, Mail Snail delivers the Doodlebops a DVD sent by a child in need of help. The child is then turned into an animated character and sent to the bus to be a "Doodle for a Day".

The Doodlebops: Together Forever Tour

A live theatrical show entitled The Doodlebops: Together Forever Tour has been developed and toured Canada in early 2009. The show includes musical performances of signature favorites as well as new songs. The live version incorporates giant screens and original sets and costumes. This production features a new cast of performers portraying the Doodlebops.[6]

The show was produced by Koba Entertainment,[7] and presented by Paquin Entertainment.[8]


The Doodlebops Together Forever World Tour

The Doodlebops performed in these cities in 2011-2012

Zach and Dec and Friends

An upcoming program for Tiny Pop, it stars live children. Some of them are Declan (Dec) Browne, Zachary (Zach) McDonald and Tanya Gibbons. The antagonists of the show will be Big Sue and Big Lou, large elephant-headed kangaroos with human hair that speak English with an "Aussie" accent. They are nicknamed Kangaphants.


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