The Dancing Masters

The Dancing Masters

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Malcolm St. Clair
Produced by Lee S. Marcus
Written by George Bricker (story)
Scott Darling (screenplay)
Starring Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Trudy Marshall
Robert Bailey
Matt Briggs
Margaret Dumont
Allan Lane
Hank Mann
Robert Mitchum
Music by Arthur Lange
Cinematography Norbert Brodine
Edited by Norman Colbert
Distributed by

20th Century Fox

DIC Entertainment (1991)
Release dates
November 19, 1943
Running time
63' 30"
Country United States
Language English

The Dancing Masters is a 1943 Laurel and Hardy feature film produced by 20th Century-Fox. A young Robert Mitchum has a small, uncredited role as a gangster posing as an insurance salesman.


Dancing instructors Laurel and Hardy decide to help a young inventor promote a new invisible ray machine that will revolutionize jungle warfare during World War II. During the course of their travels Stan and Ollie hide from a munitions tycoon, demonstrate the invisible ray ineptly, upset an auction, try to stage an accident to collect on their insurance policy, and ride on the upper deck of a runaway bus.



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