The Burglar and the Lady

The Burglar and the Lady
Written by Langdon McCormick
Date premiered October 1, 1905 (1905-10-01)
Place premiered State Street Theater, Trenton, New Jersey
Original language English
Genre Melodrama

The Burglar and the Lady is a play written by Langdon McCormick. Like many of McCormick's plays, it was primarily a touring show and first premiered on October 1, 1905, at the State Street Theatre in Trenton, New Jersey. It came to Broadway in September 1906, appearing for a week at the American Theatre. The story pitted Sherlock Holmes, the famous fictional detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle, against A. J. Raffles, a fictional criminal created by E. W. Hornung. McCormick did not bother to ask permission for the use of either character. Former boxer "Gentleman Jim" Corbett played Raffles. The character's nationality was changed from English to American to match Corbett's casting. It was adapted as a movie in 1914, with Corbett again playing Raffles, although the adaptation removed the Holmes character.[1][2]


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