The Blue Angels (TV series)

The Blue Angels
Starring Dennis Cross
Don Gordon
Morgan Jones
Warner Jones
Michael Galloway
Robert Knapp
Ross Elliott
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 39
Producer(s) Simeon G. Gallu, Jr.
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Syndication
Picture format Black and white
Original release September 26, 1960 
July 3, 1961

The Blue Angels is a 1960-1961 American syndicated television series about the Blue Angels of the United States Navy. The program starred Dennis Cross as Commander Arthur Richards, the head of a four-man squadron which tours the country to give flight exhibitions. Don Gordon starred as Lieutenant Hank Bertelli, Michael Galloway as Lieutenant Russ MacDonald, Morgan Jones as Commander Donovan, Warner Jones as Captain Wilbur Scott, Robert Knapp as crewman Zeke Powers, and Ross Elliott as crewman Cort Ryker. Simeon G. Gallu, Jr., produced the series.[1]

Burt Reynolds appeared twice ("Fire Flight" and "Powder Puff Mechanic") as Chuck Corman, and William Bryant twice played the role of Charlie Robinson in "Sierra Survival" and "The Diamond Goes to War". Selected Blue Angels episodes and guest stars include: "Angel on Trial", the series premiere, "The Jarheads" (with Ed Nelson as a cocky flight instructor named Lieutenant Dayl Martin), "Fire Flight" with Burt Reynolds and Dick Jones, "Tiger Blood" (Judy Lewis as a girlfriend of Lieutenant MacDonald who has trouble with her brother), "Carrier Test" (Eddie Foy, III, as Jimmy Wallace), "Don't Scream at a Jet" (Stephen Talbot and Will Wright), "Sierra Survival" (William Bryant), "Alien Entry" (Don Haggerty as Joe Wine), "The Duster" (Bing Russell), "The Blue Leaders" (Ernest Borgnine), "The Sticking Season" (Barbara Stuart).[2]

The Blue Angels was released by California National Productions.[2]


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