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The American Outdoorsman is a TV show broadcast for over 24 years on cable, satellite and online.[1] It also licenses its name on numerous outdoor and hunting and fishing products.[2]


Originally created and Hosted by Fred Ramsay in St. Joseph Missouri. The show aired on KQ2 TV for multiple years. The show then started expanding to other markets through the efforts of Dave Patterson and All Pro Multimedia. The Show began to air on WIBW TV in Topeka Kansas as well as, KY3 in Springfield Missouri. The show sponsored many Celebrity hunts to benefit Boy Scouts of America and worked with NFL Hall of famers Bill Maas and Dave Szott from the Kansas City Chiefs. Around 1998 The show started using Complete video productions and Rob Fanning for editing and eventually took over the executive producing of the show. Soon after the show fell into a lucky situation of meeting the original owner of the Outdoor Channel George "Buzzard" Massie who was looking to add something to his channel instead of just his gold prospecting sales shows. Now the show is Hosted by Jim Mueller, The American Outdoorsman first aired in 1990. It airs on countless network affiliates including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox across the US as well as online via a YouTube Network.[1] The company also has licensed merchandise in apparel, accessories, electronics, outdoor gear, publishing, sports equipment and food products. Former Universal Studios, Marvel Entertainment and IMG executive Tim Rothwell is president and CEO of The American Outdoorsman.[3]

Synopsis of the show

The American Outdoorsman showcases the best of the outdoors around the US and across the globe. AO, as it is known, features hunting and fishing expeditions with host Jim Mueller as well as the show's "Pro Staff," Lee Clark, Mike Patterson, Rod Clark and Mark Tobin. Anecdotes and facts about the animal and their habitat are featured in the episode, while the hunt or fishing trip naturally unfolds.[4]


The show won two Telly Awards for Excellence in Television Production for the episodes "British Columbia Mountain Goat Part 1" and "Austrian Adrenaline."[5]

Radio Show

The American Outdoorsman's success on TV spawned a syndicated weekly radio spin-off of the same name, hosted by Tony George and Mark Tobin. Past guests include rock star Ted Nugent, Sig Hansen from The Deadliest Catch and football Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly.


The American Outdoorsman


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