The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys

The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys
Created by Howie Mandel[1]
Starring Rob LaBelle
Peter Pitofsky
Sean Whalen
Howie Mandel
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 11
Original network CBS
Original release September 19 – November 28, 1992

The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys was a live-action television series that aired in 1992. The series aired 11 episodes before it was canceled. The show focuses on three Sea Monkeys—Dave (Rob LaBelle), Bill (Peter Pitofsky) and Aquarius (Sean Whalen)—and their creator, The Professor (Howie Mandel). Others appearing in the series included Stephen Furst, Gilbert Gottfried, Larry Melman and Vernon Wells.


The concept of the show derived from the Sea Monkeys product, successfully marketed in the 1970s with a series of comic book ads designed and illustrated by Joe Orlando, later Vice President of DC Comics and Associate Publisher of Mad. Howie Mandel got the idea for the show after his daughter wanted to get some brine shrimp pets known as Sea Monkeys, which he also had as a child. He then decided that "This could be bigger than the Ninja Turtles."[2] He then contacted The Chiodo Brothers, it was then picked up, and produced as a series by CBS. The series aired in the United States and Australia. The character designs derive from the fantasy characters in the ads that Orlando drew for Harold von Braunhut, creator of the product.


The plot revolved around the notion that the Professor had accidentally enlarged three sea monkeys to human-size, and plotlines followed their ensuing comical ineptness in the world. Each Sea Monkey displayed a certain odd character trait: Aquarius could not keep a secret, Bill was afraid of an Imperial, Dave would grow excited at the sound of polka music. They occasionally come into contact with their next door neighbors the 'Brentwood's, whose daughter Sheila (Eliza Schneider) becomes the Sea-Monkeys best friend. After the shows cancellation it was replaced by Beakman's World, with Schneider playing the lead female role in that series as well.[3]

Episode list

# Title Original airdate
01 "Octapotomus R' Usamus" 19 September 1992
02 "Lighthouse Alone" 26 September 1992
03 "Swampthingamajig" 3 October 1992
04 "Look, Don't Touch" 10 October 1992
05 "Sea Monkey of Love" 17 October 1992
06 "Wrestlemania" 24 October 1992
07 "Haunted Lighthouse" 31 October 1992
08 "Scout's Honor" 7 November 1992
09 "Top Secret" 14 November 1992
10 "Talent Show" 21 November 1992
11 "Teacher's Pests" 28 November 1992



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