The Adam Carolla Project

The Adam Carolla Project
Created by Adam Carolla
Starring Adam Carolla
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Running time 60 minutes
Original network TLC
Original release October 5 (2005-10-05) – December 20, 2005 (2005-12-20)

The Adam Carolla Project is an American reality series featuring the comedian Adam Carolla. The series aired on TLC from October to December 2005.


Before gaining celebrity on Loveline and The Man Show, Carolla worked as a carpenter for several years. In this series, he returns to the profession by purchasing his father's house for $739,500 and paying all expenses out of his own pocket to have it renovated. The show co-stars friends from his construction days ("my band of unemployable idiots"), who do much of the renovation. The footage is a mix of celebreality television and real-life construction.

The team became known for its laziness despite being on camera the entire day. They failed four of five initial building inspections, installed the pool incorrectly, showed up late, slept on the job, got high on the job, skinny-dipped on the job, and poured condiments on one another's heads. Early in the project, their tools were stolen. Later on, personal friction led several of them to quit, only to be cajoled back to the site by Carolla.

One architectural innovation featured on the show (Episode 12, aired 20 Dec 2005) is noteworthy: the Recyclarolla. The device consists of a 3-inch PVC pipe fitted inside a kitchen cabinet at an approximately 30-degree downward angle. The end of the pipe emerges from the outer wall, about 40 cm above the ground. Positioned under the hole is a recycling bin. The pipe conveys empty bottles and cans from the kitchen directly into the recycling bin outside. The name was coined by Jimmy Kimmel, who has one installed in his home. Survivor host Jeff Probst is also said to be a fan of the Recyclarolla.


The two-part season finale aired on December 20, 2005, and included both the last weeks of construction on the house and the final sale of the house for $1,008,000. The last episode featured several scenes in which Carolla was considering the purchase of another house, suggesting that Carolla and his crew might be back for a second season.


The DIY Network picked up the broadcast rights to The Adam Carolla Project in 2011. The first episode aired on October 8, 2011 in the 10PM timeslot.[1] The episodes have been edited down from the original 60 minute broadcast time to a 30-minute format. All personal segments about Adam Carolla, his assistant Matt, his wife Lynette and his other jobs have been removed from the show. It is strictly about the construction work on his childhood home.

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