DJ Textbeak
Background information
Birth name Michael Szewczyk
Also known as Cobbler
Origin Elyria, Ohio
Occupation(s) Disc jockey, record producer
Years active 1991–present
Associated acts Bath, Body Release
Website textbeak.com

Michael Szewczyk (born 1973), known as DJ Textbeak, is an American DJ, artist and record producer.

DJ Textbeak is known internationally[1] for his varied style of dark and experimental music including remixes for ∆AIMON,[2] Cyanotic,[3] Yello, Zombie Nation, 3Teeth,[4] Architect, among others. In 2016, he was a support act for Modern English.[5]

He is considered influential in the Witch house and Trap genres for his early introduction of the movements and exclusive contributions of remixes.[6]

Early life

Textbeak grew up under the guardianship of his grandparents who helped explore his interest in sounds from classical composition to film documentaries and environmental noise. In his early teens, he was able to orchestrate these sounds through modular distortion and sampling.[7]

Forming his sound, Textbeak was musically grouped with and appealed to punk, dark electro, and techno genres. In 1991 he moved to Columbus, Ohio to start the rave group Body Release with Todd Sines, Titonton Duvante (Residual Records) and Charles Noel (Archetype), to tour the United States.[8]

Bath: (L to R) Textbeak aka Cobbler, Christie Bailey, Lucas Kuzma

By 1993 Textbeak was known as Cobbler and signed and released original material through Jevan Records, a goth and industrial label, in what he classified as musically “alien, cerebral, and scary”. The group project entitled Bath was nominated for music awards.[9] During this time, he began remixing other acts on the label and befriended artist and poet Lorin Morgan-Richards.


In 1998, he began releasing solo material and performing nationally alongside acts Merzbow,[10] Tamara Sky, Larry Tee, Nitzer Ebb, and Meat Beat Manifesto to name a few.[11][12]

In 2011, Textbeak started his own 2 hour satellite program entitled TXTBK's CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 featuring original and remixed tracks of new witch, experimental, industrial, and electro. In the same year, he was invited to participate in an exhibit entitled Necessary Discomforts, a tribute to Rozz Williams at the Hyaena Gallery.[13] In creating artwork, Textbeak’s approach is similar to his filter of music, applying collage samples of visual information into a base of painting and illustration.[14] Textbeak also has produced a large body of digital work.


Solo Albums

Year Title Label
1996 Fools Jevan Records
1998 N-Graver Jevan Records
1998 N-Graver Part Two Jevan Records
2016 Endpoint Fireworshiper X.O. Skeleton Musick

Solo Albums

Year Title Label
2007 Various Levels of Decay Vaatican Records
2008 False Shit Amduscias Records
2008 Word Vessels Bleak Netlabel
2008 Lovecraft Timetheory
2009 Pis*Freak Vaatican Records
2009 I could be Wrong Colin Joncho Records
2012 Textbeak -N- Tndrond - The Spirit of Opposition I had An Accident Records
2014 Textbeak and Tndrond - Ghost Omithology Dark Daze Music
2015 Textbeak, Decohere & Voctave - Tndrond Live 2003 X.O. Skeleton Musick

Singles & EPs

Year Title Label
2006 Thrush Philtre
2006 Thrush Philtre
2008 Watching Birds Fall Vaatican Records
2008 Free Tacos and Cat Piss Swishcotehque
2008 Operation Anvil Remixes Timetheory
2008 Textbeak/Eric Walker Lasergun
2008 Repeat Repeat Delete Politicide
2008 The Malaisian Audiotie
2008 Birdhouse Xynthetic Netlabel
2008 Four and Twenty Black Birds Colin Johnco Records
2009 Biolmpactive Rhythm Audiotie
2010 Glorious and Sinister Swishcotheque
2012 Amplifii DX CANS - Label/Collective
2013 EICV7 No.56 EverythingisChemical
2013 Gatchaman Post Religion
2015 Like Ghosts Sequel Sound

DJ Mixes

Year Title Label
2011 Covenfvck Black Lodge Music
2012 Precarious 2012
2014 Swsmix002 Swishcotheque
2014 CXB7 #165 Outro TXTBK's CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3


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