Tetsuo Nagata

Tetsuo Nagata
Born 1952 (age 6364)
Nakano, Nagano, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Cinematographer

Tetsuo Nagata (永田 鉄男 Nagata Tetsuo, born 1952 in Nakano, Nagano, Japan) is a Japanese cinematographer based in France.[1] He was the Director of Photography for numerous films, including Narco, Paris, je t'aime and La Vie En Rose [2] . He won the César Award for Best Cinematography twice, in 2001 for The Officers' Ward and in 2007 for La Vie en rose. Nagata was also Director of Photography for commercials such companies as Rolex, Clinique and Honda.[3] He was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography at the 39th Japan Academy Prize for 125 Years Memory (2015).[4]



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