Terrorist training camp

A terrorist training camp is a training camp whose purpose is to teach students methods of terrorism. Terrorists train there to launch attacks, ranging from suicide bombing practice to field combat. They are often located in regions for the aims of those conducting the training, or in traditional areas of extremism, like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia.[1][2] Use of parks[3] and wilderness areas[4] is common.

Homegrown terrorists sometimes travel to these camps to receive training, as was the case with some of the London Underground bombers. Mohammad Sidique Khan, the operational leader of the cell, received military and explosives training at a camp in Malakand, Pakistan in July 2003 and later took Shezad Tanweer to Karachi, Pakistan, in late 2004 to February 2005 where they received training at al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan.[5]

The presence of so-call training camps in existence in the United States is in dispute. It is often reported in various mainstream news media, however these claims are dubious or lacking adequate substantiation. One of the examples of the alleged 30 camps located in the United States in Marion, Alabama. No ties to terrorism have been proven at the former Ground Zero, located in the county seat of Perry County, in West Central Alabama. ABC reported [6] on a now discredited story written by journalist Brian Ross.[7][8] FBI spokesman Craig Dahle also said his agency's probe found NO link to any terrorist or other unlawful activity. He said the owner, British citizen Mark Yates, was licensed to train people engaged in protection services. Yates is president and founder of The Law Enforcement Bodyguard Association International. "Ground Zero" had trained at least 42 police and sheriff departments throughout Alabama. This is the supposed Islamic Terrorist Training Camp that never really existed in the way media claimed it did by saying there were 30 Training Camps located in the USA. In reality at least one of these so-called Terrorist Training Camps was a 1,000 acre "state of the art" shooting range that Yates set up, because gun laws in UK prevented training there.[9] This puts into question the 29 other alleged training camps, with stories the news media continuously and irresponsibly recycles.


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