Terror at Midnight

Terror at Midnight

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Franklin Adreon
Produced by Rudy Ralston
Written by John K. Butler
Irving Shulman
Starring Scott Brady
Joan Vohs
Frank Faylen
Music by R. Dale Butts
Cinematography Bud Thackery
Edited by Tony Martinelli
Republic Pictures
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release dates
  • September 17, 1956 (1956-09-17) (United States)
Running time
70 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Terror at Midnight is a 1956 film noir crime film directed by Franklin Adreon and starring Scott Brady, Joan Vohs and Frank Faylen.[1]

The film's sets were designed by art director Walter E. Keller.


Rick Rickards, a cop, lends his car to Susan Lang, his fiancee. She accidentally runs into a night watchman riding a bicycle. An eyewitness named Speegle suggests she flee the scene before the watchman regains consciousness.

Susan takes the car to an auto shop run by Fred Hill, who recognizes it as Rick's vehicle. What she doesn't know is that Hill is in business with a couple of criminals, Hanlon and Mascotti. The men are concerned about Hill's alcoholic wife, Helen, who knows too much about their activities.

Speegle shows up at Susan's home, hoping to blackmail her for $500. He finds out her boyfriend is a cop and scrams. Susan is told by Hill that he needs more time to repair her car, Hill now realizing that the car's been involved in an accident, information he can use. Helen, seeing her husband and Susan together, believes he is seeing another woman and, in a fit of drunken jealousy, gets into a truck and runs down Hill, killing him.

Susan ends up suspected of the crime. Helen, in a panic and eager to leave town, goes to Hanlon and Mascotti threatening to tell everything she knows unless they pay her $5,000. They kill her instead. Susan finds the body and becomes the prime suspect in two murders now.

Rick offers to resign from the force, but is urged to stay on it and solve the case. He and another officer end up in a car chase, forcing Hanlon and Mascotti off the road, arresting one and shooting the other. Susan is cleared of all charges and Rick takes her home.


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