Terror Tales of the Park

"Terror Tales of the Park"
Regular Show episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 4-5
Directed by Sean Szeles
Written by J. G. Quintel
Ben Adams
Andres Salaff
Sean Szeles
Kat Morris
Story by Shion Takeuchi
J.G. Quintel
Production code 1009-044 1009-045
Original air date October 10, 2011
Running time 22 minutes
Episode chronology

"Terror Tales of the Park" is the fourth and fifth episode of Regular Show' third season. It originally aired on Cartoon Network in the United States on October 10, 2011. This is the first episode of their annual Halloween specials an the first half-hour episode of the series.


Creepy Doll

While helping Pops clean out his room, Mordecai and Rigby find a weird doll from Pops' childhood, Percy. Mordecai and Rigby convinces him to throw it out, but the doll keeps coming back and comes alive, threatening to draw on everyone's face. In the end, in the basement Mordecai and Rigby try to fight Percy, but he knocks them unconscious. Pops finally agrees to let the doll go and he hicks Percy into furnace and he burns into ash.

Death Metal Crash Pit

Muscle Man and High Five Ghost spend the day crashing old RV's into the "crash pit". After they're done, they notice there is one RV left, one by an old band. After attempting to crash it, the band's spirits rise and are angry at them, and they hold them hostage and threaten to crash the RV with them in the Crash Pit. Fearing for their lives, Muscle Man asks them to perform a song for everyone who showed up to watch the Crash Pit, to buy some time. The spirits agree and leave but lock Muscle Man and High Five Ghost in the car. Towards the end of their song, Muscle Man drives the RV into the crash pit but he dies in the process and becomes a ghost with High Ghost.

In the House

During trick or treating, Rigby visits a house who doesn't give him candy, in anger he eggs his house. The occupant emerges and appears to be a wizard, who places a spell on Rigby and wont undo it unless Rigby apologizes. Rigby refuses to apologize and he eventually transforms into a house. While on the inside the wizards calls and says that he is coming, Benson angrily forces the wizard to turn Rigby back. The wizard then angrily yells and his hands comes out of the phone and chokes Benson the others force him away, and the wizard says they will all pay before Skips smashes the phone and the answering machine. The wizard vows to exact his revenge on Rigby at night, so the park gang go inside armed with weapons to protect Rigby. Muscle Man stands outside with a shotgun and forces the wizard to change Rigby back, but the wizard (invisible) taunts Muscle Man and he starts randomly shooting the shotgun and after a while the wizard drags Muscle Man away into the trees, everyone freaks out and a few moments a knock on the door is heard, and it is Muscle Man who was has had all of his skin cut off leaving his internal organs visible, and he falls on the floor dead. The phone rings and High Five Ghost answers it and the wizard sucks him in the phone and he comes out as a liquid. Still invisible, he slams Mordecai into a bookcase and he is now unconscious. Pops and Benson run the rooms behind them upstairs and the wizard grabs Skips' crossbow and punches him in the face until he falls down. After he's on the ground he puts Skips up the chimney and lights the wood on fire, burning him to death. The wizard then goes upstairs to the bathroom and finds Benson hiding in the shower, and he drowns Benson in the toilet. Pops is seen in the bedroom on the bed whimpering with a slingshot in his hand, the wizard busts in and throws Pops in the dresser, leaving Pops with no air to breathe. Mordecai wakes up and gets up to help Rigby, but the wizard decapitates him and head lays on the ground. Now that all of his friends have been killed, he apologizes to the wizard, and he visibly appears and throws eggs at Rigby, similar to what Rigby did initially. Rigby says that killing all of his friends was an extreme reaction, but the wizard then drops a giant egg on Rigby, killing him as well.


This episode premiered on October 10, 2011 in the United States and aired on October 31, 2012 on Cartoon Network in the United Kingdom. This episode is unaired in most countries due to the content in it, and in most of the countries it did air in "Creepy Doll and Death Metal Crash Pit" and "In the House" are aired as separated..


In the United States, the episode is rated TV-PG-V, due to its violent content. Many countries around the world who aired the episode mainly only aired the episode only aired "In the House". Particularly in Australia, Mordecai getting decapitated and his head laying on the ground was cut, making it seem like he was unconscious the whole time. The episode was heavily censored in the United Kingdom such as Muscle Man firing gunshots and being skinned alive, Benson vomiting, Pops being scared on the bed, Mordecai getting thrown and decapitated, was all completely cut.

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