Telecable, S.A.U.
Sociedad anónima
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1995
Headquarters Scientific and Technology Park of Gijón, Asturias (headquarters)
Oviedo, Asturias (registered office)
Products Broadband Internet access, mobile phone, digital TV
Parent Zegona Communications plc

Telecable is a cable company that operates in Asturias (northern Spain) offering triple play services (telephone, Internet and television) as well as mobile phone services as an MVNO since 2007.

The company started out as Telecable de Oviedo, Telecable de Gijón and Telecable de Avilés in 1995. In December 1998 it is given a license to work in all Asturias. From 2011, it started deploying a fiber network infrastructure in another Spanish region, Extremadura.

In 2015 was acquired by Zegona Communications plc.[1]


  1. Zegona buys Spain's Telecable for 640 mln euros

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