Taynal Mosque

Taynal Mosque
Jami' Taynal

Taynal Mosque
Basic information
Location Tripoli, Lebanon
Affiliation Islam
Architectural description
Architectural style Mamluk
Completed 1336

After Mansouri Great Mosque, the Mosque of Taynal is considered the most important monument in Tripoli. Standing in the middle of an orchard and visible from all sides; it's an oblong structure of sandstone. Its peculiarities reflecting the remnants of a Crusader church built by the Carmelite Fathers at the time of the Crusades, while the Crusaders themselves had built the church on a Roman temple dedicated to Zeus, locally called Baal. Several medieval travelers, including the 14th-century traveler Ibn Batutah, have written eloquently about it.

Mosques in Tripoli, Lebanon

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