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TV France International is a trade association which promotes French TV programs worldwide.

TV France International, the association of French television program exporters, promotes the sale of French television programs worldwide and facilitates international coproduction. Its 150 member companies account for about 90% of all French exports. Members include producers, distributors and the distribution arm of French broadcasters. The association was set up in 1995 and is supported by the French National Center of Cinematography (CNC).

TV France International connects buyers and French exporters through:

Le Rendez-Vous 2013

A presentation of all the French TV catalogues under one roof at

The Export Award: It is given every year to the top selling programs. It highlights the economic and cultural impact of television program exports and pays tribute to the dynamism of French distributors.

Each year, the Export Award ceremony takes place in partnership with Procirep’ French Television Producer Awards.

The 2013 Export Award winners were: [2]

Specific tools dedicated to member companies:

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