Syrian Marines

Fouj al-Mughawayr al-Bahir
فوج المغاوير البحر

Syrian Marines shoulder sleeve insignia
Allegiance Syria Syrian Arab Republic
Branch Syrian Arab Army
Type Marine
Size Regiment
Part of

Republican Guard

  • 103rd Brigade
Garrison/HQ Latakia Governorate
Aymen al-Jaber[1]

Fouj al-Mughawayr al-Bahir (Arabic: فوج المغاوير البحر, meaning "Marines Regiment") or the Syrian Marines is a unit based in the Latakia Governorate. It has participated in operations in the Syrian Civil War.

In February 2016, the Syrian Marines participated in a Latakia offensive alongside Syrian government forces.[2]

In March 2016, a large number of Syrian Marine convoys were deployed to the Battle of Palmyra from northern Latakia.[3]

On 8 September 2016, over 1000 cadets of the Syrian Marines reportedly completed a 6 month training course with Russian advisers in the Latakia governorate.[1]

On 25 November 2016, several units of the SSNP and Syrian marines arrived to Aleppo city in participation of Operation Dawn of Victory. Most of them were redeployed from the Latakia governorate.[4]

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